Bhookailas (2007 film)

Bhookailas is a 2007 Telugu film directed by Siva Nageswara Rao. The film stars Venu Madhav and Gowri Munjal. It is based on the real estate boom of Hyderabad.[2][3]

Directed bySiva Nageswara Rao
Produced byB. Gurunatha Reddy
Narayana Reddy (Presenter)
Written bySiva Nageshwara Rao
Nivas(Additional Screenplay)
StarringVenu Madhav
Gowri Munjal
Music byM. M. Keeravani
CinematographySrinivas Reddy
Edited byK. Ramesh
Release date
25th May 2007[1]


The film revolves around Kailasam (Venu Madhav). A hardworking man who lives with his family as a milk man. He is honest and sincere in his life. He delivers milk to people around the village.

Meanwhile Bhuvaneswari owns a local toddy shop. People come here to drink regularly. One day her regulars ask for toddy, but instead of payment they offer their services. One promises that he'll stitch her Blouse for free. Another man being a barber offers to shave her, irritated by this she slaps the man.

A horny teenager suman Shetty is seen in the toddy shop. He focuses his look on Bhuvaneswari. He stares at her protruding nipples through her tight blouse and gets immensely aroused. He leaves with arousal appearing to be high as a drunk after seeing.

Confused Bhuvaneswari wonders what he is up to. Meanwhile few real estate agents come and make the people in village to sign with them. They get money quickly due to this and unable to handle the new found wealth they flaunt it. They have parties, massages, trips.

Later Kailasam helps a Swamiji when he faints. The swami sees that Kailasam is no ordinary man and foretells him few things.

Once again suman enters toddy to sexually look at the Milf Bhuvaneswari. He stares at her nipples again but only to be noticed by a friend of hers. He informs her that the teen is not here for toddy but to ogle her. She confronts and beats him out of the shop.

Kailasam then quickly finds out the real estate was not right and forces people to leave their own native place. He then fights the baddies saves the village and marries a hometown lover of his. And concludes by saying no more real estate related agonies.



The music was composed by M. M. Keeravani

Song No. Song Lyricist Singer
1 "Bava Muripinchava" Suddala Ashokteja Murali, Priya
2 "Bhookailas" Title Chandrabose Vandemataram Srinivas
3 "Jana Bethedu" Shiva Sakthi Datta Malathi
4 "Nee Heithe" Chandrabose Jassie Gift, Suchitra
5 "Venu Madhava" Chandrabose M. M. Keeravani, Sunitha


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