Benadiri Somali

Benadiri Somali also referred to as “Coastal Somali” (Somali: Af Reer Xamar) is a dialect of the Somali language. It is primarily spoken by the Benadiri people, who inhabit the southern Banaadir coast of Somalia.[1]

Af Reer Xamar
Native toSomalia
RegionBenadir coast
Language codes
ISO 639-3


Benadiri Somali is spoken on the Benadir coast, from Adale to south of Merca including Mogadishu, as well as in the immediate hinterland. The coastal dialects have additional phonemes that do not exist in Standard Somali.[2]

Benadiri Somali is also referred to as Coastal Somali or Af-Reer Xamar ("Language of the People of Hamar").


Blench (2006) structures the dialect into three general subdivisions:[3]


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