Belostok Oblast (Russian: Белостокская область; Polish: Obwód białostocki) was an administrative-territorial unit (oblast) of the Russian Empire with its capital in Belostok (Białystok).

Belostok Oblast
Russian: Беластокская область
Polish: Obwód białostocki
Oblast of Russian Empire
Coat of arms of Belostok
Coat of arms

Belostok Oblast in Eastern Europe
 • Coordinates53°08′N 23°09′E / 53.133°N 23.150°E / 53.133; 23.150
• Established
9 July 1807
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Białystok Department
Grodno Governorate



The oblast was created from former Prussian Białystok Department (until 1795 Białystok in Poland),[1] gained in 1807 by Russia in the Treaties of Tilsit.[2]

The oblast was abolished in 1842 when it was included into Grodno Governorate.[3]

Administrative divisions

Belostok Oblast administrative divisions - 1807–42

In the 19th century, some of the oblasts were administrative divisions which had a status roughly equal to that of the guberniyas; i.e., they existed independently from the guberniyas, not as their parts as it used to be the case in the 18th century.

In 1808, the Oblast was divided into four uyezds (districts):

In 1842 the number of districts was reduced to three when Drohiczyn District was merged into Bielsk District.


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