Białystok Department

The Białystok Department (German: Kammerdepartement Bialystok, Polish:Departament białostocki) was part of the New East Prussia Province of the Kingdom of Prussia from 1795 to 1807. It was created out of territory annexed in the Third Partition of Poland and included parts of Podlaskie.

Białystok Department
German: Kammerdepartement Bialystok
Department of Kingdom of Prussia
 • Coordinates53°08′N 23°09′E / 53.133°N 23.150°E / 53.133; 23.150Coordinates: 53°08′N 23°09′E / 53.133°N 23.150°E / 53.133; 23.150
• Established
• Disestablished
9 July 1807
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Coat of arms of Lithuania.png Podlaskie Voivodeship (1513–1795)
Belostok Oblast, Russian Empire
Łomża Department


The Białystok Department encompassed territory between East Prussia and the Bug River and Neman river.

New East Prussia (Neuostpreussen) and the Departments of Plozk and Bialystok, 1801–1807.

Administrative SubdivisionsEdit

The Department consisted of the following Counties