Bear Behaving Badly

Bear Behaving Badly is a British children's sitcom which originally aired for four series and was broadcast between 3 September 2007 and 21 December 2010.

Bear Behaving Badly
Nev and Barney
StarringBarney Harwood
Ross Mullan
Glen Davies
Bella Emberg
Beverly Hills
Simon Buckley
Allyson Brown
Shyanne Sanders
Bradley Yates
Voices ofRoss Mullan, Simon Buckley
Theme music composerRichie Webb & Matt Katz[1]
Opening theme'Bear Behaving Badly' Theme by Barney Harwood [2]
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
No. of series4
No. of episodes78 (list of episodes)
Executive producersMaddy Darrall
Billy Macqueen
Tanya Motie
ProducerFiona Robinson
Production locationTeddington Studios (2009)
Camera setupMultiple-camera setup
Running time20-21 minutes
Production companyDarrall Macqueen Productions
Original networkCBBC
Picture format576i 16:9 (widescreen)
Audio formatStereo
Original release3 September 2007 (2007-09-03) –
21 December 2010 (2010-12-21)


The programme is centred around the daily adventures of Barney Harwood, his pet bear Nev, his koala friend Crazy Keith and the caretaker of the trio's flat, Andy Prank. Nev and Barney originally appeared together on Sunday morning children's programme Smile, which ceased in 2007. The events of the programme take place at some point after Smile.[3] The programme features the voices of Ross Mullan as Nev and Simon Buckley as Keith, with legendary actress Bella Emberg playing the role of Barney's Aunt Barbara. A series of twenty-six episodes was commissioned by the BBC in March 2007, after a trailer for the proposed series being uploaded to YouTube received over 1 million hits. Following successful ratings, a second series of twenty-six episodes followed in December 2008. Both series were originally broadcast on BBC One, before being repeated in an early morning slot on BBC Two. In August 2009, a third series of thirteen episodes was filmed. These episodes began airing from 7 December 2009, this time on the CBBC Channel, before later being repeated on BBC One.[4] In July 2010, a fourth series of thirteen episodes was filmed. These episodes began airing from 6 October 2010. The series concluded on 21 December 2010, and thus far, no further episodes have been filmed or broadcast, with the exception of repeats.[5]


The action of Bear Behaving Badly is centered on an apartment block owned by Barney's wealthy uncle Rupert Silverspoon. There are three flats on the ground floor. Barney and Nev live in Flat 1, Beatrice lives in Flat 2, and the caretaker, Mr Prank, lives in Flat 3. There are at least 5 more flats upstairs, one of which Aunt Barbara lives in. A door under the stairs leads down to the boiler room. Barney is a children's television presenter. He doesn't own a car and instead travels everywhere by tricycle or takes the bus. Barney and Beatrice share a mutual affection, though sometimes Barney is a bit shy when talking to her. Mr Prank has an obsequious attitude towards Barney whom he frequently addresses as "Mr Barney, Sir." This feigned respect is on account of the fact that Barney's uncle is his employer. In addition Prank runs his own ice cream business from his ice cream van which is often seen parked outside the apartment block. Aunt Barbara does not know about Mr Prank's ice cream and constantly refers to it as a 'rusty old thing' and demands the owner (Mr Prank) should be locked up. He is allergic to Nev's blue fur but pretends to like him when Barney is nearby. As soon as Barney is out of sight, Prank is nasty to Nev and makes his life a misery. Sometimes Nev retaliates by snarling, blowing a raspberry at him, or even kissing him on the nose, causing him to sneeze. Nev has a favorite cuddly toy which he calls his Snuggly Ducky Duck Duck. He also likes to have plastic ducks floating in the water when he has a bath. Despite starring in a programme called Bear Behaving Badly, Nev usually tries to do the right thing, and only misbehaves as a response to difficult circumstances or situations. He likes ice cream, jam, rubber ducks and socks.


Character Actor Series Notes
Barney Harwood Himself 1-4 A television presenter who presents television shows for the BBC. He is the owner of the flat where himself, Nev and Crazy Keith and Doris live. He and Beatrice have an on-off romantically involved relationship. He often seems oblivious to the chaos Nev and Keith cause and although he thinks Mr Prank is odd he has never realized that Nev, Keith, Melanie and Mr Prank are enemies. His aunts are Barbara and Alice, his uncles are Rupert and Bert, and his cousin is Melanie. He is the only character in the series whose actor plays themselves alongside Nev.
Neville the Bear Nev, Nevvie Ross Mullan 1-4 A small, blue, bear who likes ice cream, socks, jam and his "snuggly ducky duck duck". He has patches in places and is missing part of his ear after it was bitten by Bandit. Nev has trouble with pronouncing certain words and when scared or intimidated, he growls, just like a real bear would. He once had a sword fight with Mr Prank. He stopped Mr Prank a few times from losing his job and twice from going to jail. He is the only character in the series whose actor plays themselves alongside Barney.
Crazy Keith Simon Buckley 1-4 An illegal immigrant Koala from Brisbane who lives under the floor boards of Barney's flat with his inanimate girlfriend Doris, of whom he ironically involves himself in conversation with on a regular basis. He is Nev's best friend, but often ropes him into hare-brained schemes, usually with the intention of stealing Mr Prank's secret ice cream stash. His existence is unknown to all the characters except Nev, Beatrice and Barney. As shown in Curse of the Were-bear he is part were-bear. He can speak a prehistoric language as shown in Cave-bear and he has not had a bath for years. He mentioned 3 times that koalas are an endangered species and he's very greedy. He adores Ice-Cream and pizza and often over-eats, meaning he becomes so fat he gets stuck. He has a brother called Dennis and an uncle called Bruce. In the episode Crazy Keith - Extreme Koala he was a surfing superstar back in Bondi Beach and that's when he met Doris. He has a friend called PC Stereotype. He often discovers the important things during the series [like that Dev is a criminal in Cousin Dev] and he often mistakes things for other things [like the song that revives the dead mummy in Yummy Mummy is an ancient Egyptian comedy folk song]. His catchphrase is "Oh, wackadoo!"
Beatrice Allyson Brown 1-4 A college student and part-time ice cream van assistant, also known for her baking talent. She lives in the flat next to Mr Prank. Nev calls her "Beetroot". She and Barney have an on-off romantically involved relationship. She appears significantly less in later series, only appearing in two episodes in series 3, and five in season 4. She is allergic to Daffodils and had once failed a college assignment.
Mr Andrew "Andy" Prank Glen Davies 1-4 The caretaker of the block of flats that Barney, Nev, Himself, Beatrice, Aunt Barbara and Keith and his girlfriend Doris live in. He is also the owner of the local ice cream business, of which he tries to disguise from Aunt Barbara (presumably because he is supposed to be attending to his caretaker duties). He is arch-enemies with Nev, who also causes his allergies to arise, as he is allergic to blue bears. Nev, Keith and Melanie call him "(Mr) Angry Pants", which is possibly derived from his initials (A. P.). As shown in The Strange Case of Mr Prank he may have German ancestry as Dr Gunter Von Prank had his surname, probably his ancestor. Although he would do anything to get rid of Nev, in Sing A Song of Secrets he loves Nev and would miss him. He has a twin brother called Martin, who visited in one episode in series 1 and in series 2, Crazy Keith mentioned he has a cousin called Benny who set his pants on fire. He once had a sword fight with Nev. He has Scottish relatives called the McPranks, as seen in the episode "Sock Mess Monster". He used to be part of Boy Scouts and he has no super inside him as he is unable to turn into a superhero in Hero To Zero. He is the 33rd Putney Boys top animal tracker where he was called radar prank. He often mentions his mother or 'mumsie', whose picture he talks to.
Postie Beverly Hills 1-4 The local postwoman, who has an on-off love relationship with Mr Prank. She is also best friends with Beatrice. She once nearly married Mr Prank, only to discover he was attempting to fleece her of her lottery win money which was only a £5 voucher which Mr Prank gave to Aunt Barbara to replace the flowers he damaged. It is unknown what her real name is.
Aunt Barbara Bella Emberg 2-4 Aunt Barbara is Barney's aunt, and Uncle Rupert's and Aunt Alice's sister. She has a grudge against Mr Prank, due to the fact he is, as she calls him, "a useless caretaker", or a "caretaker, caretaker, couldn't-care-less-taker". She also has a sight problem, often referring to Nev as a dog. She also has a crush on Bill Oddie. She also has a hearing problem, as she keeps calling Mr Prank Plank despite being corrected an unbelievable number of times [probably at least three times each episode.]. Aunt Barbara also happens to be a qualified minister of the High Church of the Convenient Coincidence as shown in ‘'Yummy Mummy'’. She almost married George the mummy in Yummy Mummy until she discovered him cheating on her with Mr Prank dressed up as a girl mummy. She also enjoys hitting Mr Prank with her handbag, containing Chops. Her bag is also huge on the inside as it is capable of carrying Chops and many huge ornaments, paintings and kitchen utensils. She can also play Reveille on the trumpet. She is also strong as she is capable with hurting Barney, lifting Mr Prank up and crashing down doors with or without Mr Prank in tow. She used to be a member of the Girl Guides and she always notices when Mr Prank or Melanie misbehave.
Melanie Shyanne Sanders 2-4 Melanie is Aunt Barbara's niece, and subsequently, she is first cousins with Barney. Nev calls her "Smelanie". She often helps Nev and Crazy Keith carry out acts of revenge on Prank even though she never has heard of Keith . She is a school student with a passion for sports. She is 10 in the beginning and 13 in the end. She is often forced to wear Aunt Barbara's dresses that look unbelievably ugly.
Uncle Rupert Geoffrey Whitehead 1-4 Uncle Rupert is the owner of the block of flats which Barney and Nev live in. Barney has a picture of Rupert on the wall of his kitchen. Rupert has a stash of treasure which will be bequeathed to Barney when he dies.
Snuggly Ducky Duck Duck Bradley Yates 1-4 Snuggly Ducky Duck Duck is Nev's soft toy duck who snuggles with Nev in his bed. Nev would do anything to save him if he got caught or stolen (except be nice to Mr Prank for the rest of his life).
Mr Cuddly Wuddly A Stuffed Toy 1-4 Mr Cuddly Wuddly is like Snuggly Ducky Duck Duck but Mr Cuddly Wuddly is Barney's and looks a lot like Nev.
Bouncer Boy Gregory Foreman 1 Bouncer Boy is Mr Prank's nephew. He is the original owner of Bandit, however, when he left the country with his mother to go travelling, Mr Prank ended up looking after him. Bouncer Boy only appeared in Series 1. He would often assist Mr Prank in his schemes.
Bandit Gregory Foreman and sound FX 1-4 Bandit is a large, orange tabby cat, formerly owned by Bouncer Boy. He now resides with Mr Prank. He is responsible for the damage caused to Nev's ear as revealed in Operation Nev.
Doris Stuffed Toy 2-4 Doris is a small pink and purple bunny rabbit, who is in a relationship with Crazy Keith. Doris originally resided in Australia with Keith. Although she is not, Keith likes to pretend she is real. Despite her muteness, she seems to be very persuasive, as Keith will often go great lengths to impress her. She is often told ironically by Keith "not to move a muscle".
Squealers Sound FX 1 The Squealers are some of Keith's toy buddy's like Doris but did not appear when Doris was around as Keith either ditched them or they left, probably because Doris might be scared of them or there just wasn't enough space for them in Keith's tiny lair.
Chops A dog and Sound FX 2-4 Chops is Aunt Barbara's dog which lives inside a handbag and came out of the handbag twice. The first time Chops came out of the handbag everybody loved him more than Nev so Nev got him in the handbag but Bandit was inside as well so Nev got Bandit out of the handbag. Then Nev came out with Chops and got congratulated.


Series no. Series premiere Series finale Episodes Notes
1 3 September 2007 8 October 2007 26
2 1 December 2008 16 January 2009 25 This series took a break between 20 December 2008 – 4 January 2009.
Comic relief special 10 March 2009 1
3 7 December 2009 23 December 2009 13
4 6 October 2010 21 December 2010 This series was aired weekly instead of daily apart from the last 2 episodes.


2016 Live UK tourEdit

It was announced that Bear Behaving Badly would go on a UK tour in 2016. Glen Davies who played Mr Prank in the TV series would have been on the tour, Barney Harwood would have featured in the show by pre-recorded video link, and would not appear in person. There would have been 21 shows starting from Friday 18 March 2016 – 5 June 2016.[6] The show had later been cancelled, due to low ticket sales.

Tour datesEdit

Theatre Start Date End Date Notes
BARKING The Broadway Fri 18 March The producers later confirmed that the tour had been cancelled. This was because tickets sales throughout the UK were considerably lower than expected and they had landed in the unfortunate position of having to cancel the UK tour.
EASTBOURNE Royal Hippodrome Sat 19 March
SOUTHAMPTON Mayflower 20 March
POOLE Lighthouse Sat 26 March
NORWICH Theatre Royal Mon 28 March
NORTHAMPTON Royal & Derngate Tue 29 March Wed 30 March
CREWE Lyceum Thu 31 March
SWANSEA Grand Theatre 1 April
READING The Hexagon Sat 2 April Sun 3 April
DARTFORD Orchard Theatre Mon 4 April
GUILDFORD G Live Tue 5 April
HARROGATE International Centre Wed 6 April Thu 7 April
EDINBURGH King's Theatre Fri 8 April Sat 9 April
GLASGOW Pavilion Sun 10 April
EPSOM Playhouse Sat 28 May
HERTFORD Theatre Sun 29 May
CHESTERFIELD Pomegranate Mon 30 May
STEVENAGE Gordon Craig 31 May
CLACTON Princes Theatre Fri 3 June
CHESHAM Elgiva Sat 4 June

Home mediaEdit

One Bear Behaving Badly DVD was released in 2008 and features episodes from the first series. It was released by HIT Entertainment.[7]


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