Bayenthal (German: Köln-Bayenthal) is a neighbourhood of Cologne, Germany and part of the district of Rodenkirchen. Bayenthal lies on the left bank of the river Rhine, between the district of Innenstadt to the North and Marienburg neighbourhood to the South. The borders to these are defined by the Southern Bridge (Südbrücke) and the Bayenthalgürtel of the Cologne Belt respectively. To the West, Bayenthal borders with Raderberg.

Art Nouveau villa on Bayenthal-gürtel, part of the Cologne Belt
Cologne Oval Offices on Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer
map of Bayenthal (shown in red) within the district of Rodenkirchen

It combines the residential neighbourhoods from adjacent Marienburg with former industrial areas next to the old "Dom" brewery.[1][2] Bayenthal has 8.473 inhabitants (as of 31 December 2008) and covers an area of 1,28 km2 (pop.density of 6.620 inhabitants/km2). The neighbourhood is served by Cologne Stadtbahn line 16.


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Coordinates: 50°54′44″N 6°58′3″E / 50.91222°N 6.96750°E / 50.91222; 6.96750