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Battle of the Bulge order of battle

This is the order of battle of German and Allied forces during the Battle of the Bulge — specifically, at a point near the end of the battle, which lasted from 16 December 1944 until 25 January 1945.

As with any large Army organization in extended combat, forces and their assignments shifted over the course of the battle. For example, when the German attack began on 16 December, the U.S. 7th Armored Division was assigned to XIII Corps, U.S. Ninth Army, 12th Army Group. Later that day, its alignment became VIII Corps, U.S. First Army, 12th Army Group. On 20 December, the alignment switched to XVIII Corps, U.S. First Army, 12th Army Group — and later that day to XVIII Corps, U.S. First Army, 21st Army Group. On 18 January 1945, the alignment changed one last time, to XVIII Corps, U.S. First Army, 12th Army Group — as it is given in the following hierarchy.


High-level orders of battleEdit


Theatre and army group commanders
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Bernard Law Montgomery
Omar N. Bradley

Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces
General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower

Armies deployed North to South:

  21st Army Group
Field Marshal Sir Bernard L. Montgomery

  12th Army Group
Lieutenant General Omar N. Bradley

US First Army
Lt. Gen. Courtney H. Hodges

U.S. First Army
Lieutenant General Courtney H. Hodges

US Third Army
Lt. Gen. George S. Patton

U.S. Third Army
Lieutenant General George S. Patton, Jr.


Theatre and army group commanders
Gerd von Runstedt
Walter Model
Northern Sector commander
Sepp Dietrich (Sixth Panzer Army)

Oberbefehlshaber West
Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt[f]

Army Group B
Generalfeldmarschall Walter Model[g]

Armies deployed North to South:

Sixth Panzer Army (Northern Sector)
Oberstgruppenführer der Waffen SS Josef "Sepp" Dietrich[h]

Central Sector commander
Hasso von Manteuffel (Fifth Panzer Army)

Fifth Panzer Army (Central Sector)
General der Panzertruppen Hasso von Manteuffel[i]

Seventh Army (Southern Sector)
General der Panzertruppen Erich Brandenberger

Allied ForcesEdit

  Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces

General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower

  12th Army GroupEdit

Lieut. Gen. Omar N. Bradley

  U.S. First ArmyEdit

Lieut. Gen. Courtney H. Hodges

5th Belgian Fusilier Battalion
143rd and 413th AA Gun Battalions
526th Armored Infantry Battalion
99th Infantry Battalion (Norwegian-Americans)
  V CorpsEdit

Maj. Gen. Leonard T. Gerow

56th Signal Battalion
102nd Cavalry Group, Mechanized
38th and 102nd Cavalry Recon Squadrons (attached)
613th TD Battalion
186th, 196th, 200th, and 955th FA Battalions
254th Engineer Combat Battalion
187th FA Group (751st and 997th FA Battalions)
190th FA Group (62nd, 190th, 272nd, and 268th FA Battalions)
406th FA Group (76th, 941st, 953rd, and 987th FA Battalions)
1111th Engineer Combat Group (51st, 202nd, 291st, and 296th Engineer Combat Battalions)
1121st Engineer Combat Group (146th, 254th Engineer Combat Battalions)
1195th Engineer Combat Group
134th, 387th, 445th, 460th, 461st, 531st, 602nd, 639th, and 863rd AAA AW Battalions
  1st Infantry Division "Big Red One"
Brig. Gen. Clift Andrus[j]
16th, 18th and 26th Infantry Regiments
5th, 7th, 32nd, and 33rd FA Battalions
1st Engineer Combat Battalion
745th Tank Battalion
634th and 703rd TD Battalions
103rd AAA AW Battalion
  2nd Infantry Division "Indianhead"
Maj. Gen. Walter M. Robertson
9th, 23rd, and 38th Infantry Regiments
12th, 15th, 37th, and 38th FA Battalions
2nd Engineer Combat Battalion
741st Tank Battalion
612th and 644th TD Battalions
462nd AAA AW Battalion
  9th Infantry Division "Old Reliables"
Maj. Gen. Louis A. Craig
39th, 47th, and 60th Infantry Regiments
26th, 34th, 60th, and 84th FA Battalions
15th Engineer Combat Battalion
38th Cavalry Recon Squadron
746th Tank Battalion
376th and 413th AAA AW Battalions
  78th Infantry Division "Lightning"
Maj. Gen. Edwin P. Parker, Jr.
309th, 310th, and 311th Infantry Regiments
307th, 308th, 309th, and 903rd FA Battalions
303rd Engineer Combat Battalion
709th Tank Battalion
628th and 893rd TD Battalions
552nd AAA AW Battalion
  CCR, 5th Armored Division (attached)
  2nd Ranger Battalion (attached)
  99th Infantry Division "Checkerboard"
Maj. Gen. Walter E. Lauer
393rd, 394th, and 395th Infantry Regiments
370th, 371st, 372nd, and 924th FA Battalions
324th Engineer Combat Battalion
801st TD Battalion
535th AAA AW Battalion
  VII CorpsEdit

Maj. Gen. Joseph Lawton Collins

4th Cavalry Group, Mechanized
29th Infantry Regiment
Two French Light Infantry Battalions
509th Parachute Infantry Battalion
298th Engineer Combat Battalion
740th Tank Battalion
18th FA Group (188th, 666th, and 981st FA Battalions)
142nd FA Group (195th and 266th FA Battalions)
188th FA Group (172nd, 951st, and 980th FA Battalions)
342nd, 366th, 392nd, 1308th, and 1313th Engineer General Service Regiments
18th, 83rd, 87th, 183rd, 193rd, 957th, and 991st FA Battalions
  2nd Armored Division "Hell on Wheels"
Maj. Gen. Ernest N. Harmon
41st Armored Infantry Regiment
66th and 67th Armored Regiments
14th, 78th, and 92nd Armored FA Battalions
17th Armored Engineer Battalion
82nd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
702nd TD Battalion
195th AAA AW Battalion
elements of 738th Tank Battalion (special - mine clearing) attached
  3rd Armored Division "Spearhead"
Maj. Gen. Maurice Rose
36th Armored Infantry Regiment
32nd and 33rd Armored Regiments
54th, 67th, and 391st Armored FA Battalions
23rd Armored Engineer Battalion
83rd Recon Squadron
643rd and 703rd TD Battalions
486th AAA AW Battalion
  83rd Infantry Division "Ohio"
Maj. Gen. Robert C. Macon
329th, 330th, and 331st Infantry Regiments
322nd, 323rd, 324th, and 908th FA Battalions
308th Engineer Combat Battalion
453rd AAA AW Battalion
774th Tank Battalion
772nd TD Battalion
  84th Infantry Division "Railsplitters"
Brig. Gen. Alexander R. Bolling
333rd, 334th, and 335th Infantry Regiments
325th, 326th, 327th, and 909th FA Battalions
309th Engineer Combat Battalion
701st Tank Battalion, replaced by 771st Tank Battalion on 20 December
638th TD Battalion
557th AAA AW Battalion
  XVIII Airborne CorpsEdit

Maj. Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway[k]

14th Cavalry Group, Mechanized
254th, 275th, 400th, and 460th FA Battalions
79th FA Group (153rd, 551st, and 552nd FA Battalions)
179th FA Group (259th and 965th FA Battalions)
211th FA Group (240th and 264th FA Battalions)
401st FA Group (187th and 809th FA Battalions)
  7th Armored Division "Lucky Seventh"
Brig. Gen. Robert W. Hasbrouck
23rd, 38th, and 48th Armored Infantry Battalions
17th, 31st, and 40th Tank Battalions
434th, 440th, and 489th Armored FA Battalions
33rd Armored Engineer Battalion
87th Recon Squadron
814th TD Battalion
203rd AAA AW Battalion
820th TD Battalion (attached 25–30 December)
  30th Infantry Division "Old Hickory"
Maj. Gen. Leland S. Hobbs
117th, 119th, and 120th Infantry Regiments
113th, 118th, 197th, and 230th FA Battalions
105th Engineer Combat Battalion
743rd Tank Battalion
823rd TD Battalion
517th Parachute Infantry Regiment (attached)
110th, 431st and 448th AAA AW Battalions
  75th Infantry Division
Maj. Gen. Fay B. Prickett
289th, 290th, and 291st Infantry Regiments
730th, 897th, 898th, and 899th FA Battalions
275th Engineer Combat Battalion
750th Tank Battalion
629th and 772nd TD Battalions
440th AAA AW Battalion
  82nd Airborne Division "All American"
Maj. Gen. James M. Gavin
504th, 505th, 507th, and 508th Parachute Infantry Regiments
325th Glider Infantry Regiment
319th and 320th Glider FA Battalions
376th and 456th Parachute FA Battalions
307th Airborne Engineer Battalion
80th AAA AW Battalion
551st Parachute Infantry Battalion
740th Tank Battalion (attached 30 December – 11 January)
628th TD Battalion (attached 2–11 January)
643rd TD Battalion (attached 4–5 January)
  106th Infantry Division "Golden Lions"
Maj. Gen. Alan W. Jones
422nd, 423rd[l], and 424th Infantry Regiments
589th, 590th, 591st, and 592nd FA Battalions
81st Engineer Combat Battalion
820th TD Battalion
634th AAA AW Battalion (8–18 December)
440th AAA AW Battalion (8 December – 4 January)
563rd AAA AW Battalion (9–18 December)
  101st Airborne Division "Screaming Eagles"
Brig. Gen. Anthony C. McAuliffe (acting)[m]
501st, 502nd, and 506th Parachute Infantry Regiments
327th Glider Infantry Regiment
1st Battalion, 401st Glider Infantry
321st and 907th Glider FA Battalions
377th and 463rd Parachute FA Battalion
326th Parachute Engineer Battalion
705th TD Battalion
81st Airborne AAA AW Battalion

  U.S. Third ArmyEdit

Lieut. Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.

109th, 115th, 217th, and 777th AA Gun Battalions
456th, 465th, 550th, and 565th AAA AW Battalions
280th ECB - Engineer Combat Battalion - Non Divisional Unit (later assigned to the 9th Army)
 III CorpsEdit

Maj. Gen. John Millikin

6th Cavalry Group, Mechanized
179th, 274th, 776th, and 777th FA Battalions
193rd FA Group (177th, 253rd, 696th, 776th, and 949th FA Battalions)
203rd FA Group (278th, 742nd, 762nd FA Battalions)
183rd and 243rd Engineer Combat Battalions
1137th Engineer Combat Group (145th, 188th, and 249th Engineer Combat Battalions)
467th and 468th AAA AW Battalions
  4th Armored Division
Maj. Gen. Hugh J. Gaffey
8th, 35th, and 37th Tank Battalions[n]
10th, 51st, and 53rd Armored Infantry Battalions
22nd, 66th, and 94th Armored FA Battalions
24th Armored Engineer Battalion
25th Cavalry Recon Squadron
489th AAA AW Battalion
704th TD Battalion
  6th Armored Division "Super Sixth"
Maj. Gen. Robert W. Grow
15th, 68th and 69th Tank Battalions
9th, 44th, and 50th Armored Infantry Battalions
128th, 212th, and 231st Armored FA Battalions
25th Armored Engineer Battalion
86th Cavalry Recon Squadron
691st TD Battalion
777th AAA AW Battalion
  26th Infantry Division "Yankee"
Maj. Gen. Willard S. Paul
101st, 104th, and 328th Infantry Regiments
101st, 102nd, 180th, and 263rd FA Battalions
101st Engineer Combat Battalion
735th Tank Battalion
818th TD Battalion
390th AAA AW Battalion
  35th Infantry Division "Santa Fe"
Maj. Gen. Paul W. Baade
134th, 137th, and 320th Infantry Regiments
127th, 161st, 216th, and 219th FA Battalions
60th Engineer Combat Battalion
654th TD Battalion
448th AAA AW Battalion
  90th Infantry Division "Tough 'Ombres"
Maj. Gen. James A. Van Fleet
357th, 358th, and 359th Infantry Regiments
343rd, 344th, 345th, and 915th FA Battalions
315th Engineer Combat Battalion
773rd TD Battalion
774th TD Battalion (attached 21 December – 6 January)
537th AAA AW Battalion
  VIII CorpsEdit

Maj. Gen. Troy H. Middleton

687th FA Battalion
174th FA Group (965th, 969th, and 700th FA Battalions)
333rd FA Group (333rd and 771st FA Battalions)
402nd FA Group (559th, 561st, and 740th FA Battalions)
422nd FA Group (81st and 174th FA Battalions)
178th and 249th Engineer Combat Battalions
1102nd Engineer Group (341st Engineer General Service Regiment)
1107th Engineer Combat Group (159th, 168th, and 202nd Engineer Combat Battalions)
1128th Engineer Combat Group (35th, 44th, and 202nd Engineer Combat Battalions)
French Light Infantry (six Light Infantry Battalions from Metz region)
467th, 635th, 778th AAA AW Battalions
  9th Armored Division "Phantom"
Maj. Gen. John W. Leonard
27th, 52nd, and 60th Armored Infantry Battalions
2nd, 14th, and 19th Tank Battalions
3rd, 16th, and 73rd Armored FA Battalions
9th Armored Engineer Battalion
89th Cavalry Squadron
811th TD Battalion
482nd AAA AW Battalion
  11th Armored Division "Thunderbolt"
Brig. Gen. Charles S. Kilburn
21st, 55th, and 63rd Armored Infantry Battalions
22nd, 41st, and 42nd Tank Battalions
490th, 491st, and 492nd Armored FA Battalions
56th Armored Engineer Battalion
602nd TD Battalion
41st Cavalry Squadron
575th AAA AW Battalion
  17th Airborne Division "Golden Talons"
Maj. Gen. William M. Miley
507th and 513th Parachute Infantry Regiments
193rd and 194th Glider Infantry Regiments
680th and 681st Glider FA Battalions
466th Parachute FA Battalion
139th Airborne Engineer Battalion
155th Airborne AAA AW Battalion
  28th Infantry Division "Keystone"
Maj. Gen. Norman D. Cota
109th, 110th, and 112th Infantry Regiments
107th, 108th, 109th, and 229th FA Battalions
103rd Engineer Combat Battalion
707th Tank Battalion
602nd TD Battalion
630th TD Battalion
447th AAA AW Battalion
  87th Infantry Division "Golden Acorn"
Brig. Gen. Frank L. Culin, Jr.
345th, 346th, and 347th Infantry Regiments
334th, 335th, 336th, 912th FA Battalions
312th Engineer Combat Battalion
761st Tank Battalion
549th AAA AW Battalion
610th TD battalion (14–22 December)
691st TD battalion (22–24 December and 8–26 January)
704th TD battalion (17–19 December)
  XII CorpsEdit

Maj. Gen. Manton S. Eddy

2nd Cavalry Group, Mechanized
161st, 244th, 277th, 334th, 336th, and 736th FA Battalions
177th FA group 215th, 255th, and 775th FA Battalions
182nd FA group 802nd, 945th, and 974th FA Battalions
183rd FA group 695th and 776th FA Battalions
404th FA group 273rd, 512th, and 752nd FA Battalions
1303rd Engineer Service Regiment
452nd AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion [colored]
457th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion
  4th Infantry Division "Ivy"
Maj. Gen. Raymond O. Barton
8th, 12th, and 22nd Infantry Regiments
20th, 29th, 42nd, and 44th FA Battalions
4th Engineer Combat Battalion
70th Tank Battalion
802nd and 803rd TD Battalions
377th AAA AW Battalions
  5th Infantry Division "Red Diamond"
Maj. Gen. Stafford L. Irwin
2nd, 10th, and 11th Infantry Regiments
19th, 21st, 46th, and 50th FA Battalions
7th Engineer Combat Battalion
737th Tank Battalion
654th TD Battalion (22–25 December)
803rd TD Battalion (from 25 December)
807th TD Battalion (17–21 December)
818th TD Battalion (13 July – 20 December)
449th AAA AW Battalion
  10th Armored Division "Tiger"
Maj. Gen. William H.H. Morris, Jr.
20th, 54th, and 61st Armored Infantry Battalions
3rd, 11th, and 21st Tank Battalions
419th, 420th, and 423rd Armored FA Battalions
609th TD Battalion
55th Armored Engineer Battalion
90th Cavalry Recon Squadron
796th AAA AW Battalion
  80th Infantry Division "Blue Ridge"
Maj. Gen. Horace L. McBride
317th, 318th, and 319th Infantry Regiments
313th, 314th, 315th, and 905th FA Battalions
305th Engineer Combat Battalion
702nd Tank Battalion
610th TD Battalion (23 November – 6 December and 21 December – 28 January)
808th TD Battalion (25 September – 21 December)
633rd AAA AW Battalion

  21st Army GroupEdit

Field Marshal Sir Bernard L. Montgomery

  XXX CorpsEdit

Lt-Gen. Brian G. Horrocks

2nd Household Cavalry Regiment
11th Hussars
4th Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery
5th Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery
73rd Antitank Regiment, Royal Artillery
7th, 64th, and 84th Medium Regiments, Royal Artillery
27th Light AA Regiment, Royal Artillery
  6th Airborne Division
Maj-Gen. Eric Bols
3rd Parachute Brigade
8th (Midlands) Parachute Battalion
9th (Eastern and Home Counties) Parachute Battalion
1st Canadian Parachute Battalion
5th Parachute Brigade
7th (Light Infantry) Parachute Battalion
12th (Yorkshire) Parachute Battalion
13th (Lancashire) Parachute Battalion
6th Airlanding Brigade
12th Battalion, Devonshire Regiment
2nd Battalion, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
1st Battalion, Royal Ulster Rifles
53rd Light Regiment, Royal Artillery
3rd and 4th Airlanding Anti-Tank Batteries, Royal Artillery
6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps
249th Airborne Field Company Royal Engineers
3rd, 591st Parachute Squadrons Royal Engineers
3rd, 9th Airborne Squadrons Royal Engineers
286th Airborne Field Park Company Royal Engineers
6th Airborne Divisional Signals Company Royal Signals
22nd Independent Parachute Company Army Air Corps
  51st (Highland) Infantry Division
Maj-Gen. G T.G. Rennie
152nd Infantry Brigade
2nd Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders
5th Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders
5th Battalion, Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
153rd Infantry Brigade
5th Battalion, Black Watch
1st Battalion, Gordon Highlanders
5/7th Battalion, Gordon Highlanders
154th Infantry Brigade
1st Battalion, Black Watch
7th Battalion, Black Watch
7th Battalion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
126th, 127th, and 128th Field Regiments, Royal Artillery
2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry
61st Antitank Regiment, Royal Artillery
40th Light AA Regiment, Royal Artillery
274th, 275th, and 276th Field Companies Royal Engineers
239th Field Park Company Royal Engineers
16th Bridging Platoon Royal Engineers
51st Divisional Signals Company Royal Signals
1/7th Machine Gun Battalion Middlesex Regiment
  53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division
Maj-Gen. Robert Knox Ross
71st Infantry Brigade
1st Battalion, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
1st Battalion, Highland Light Infantry
4th Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers
158th Infantry Brigade
7th Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers
1/5th Battalion, Welch Regiment
1st Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment
160th Infantry Brigade
2nd Battalion, Monmouthshire Regiment
1/5th Battalion, Welch Regiment
6th Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers
81st, 83rd, and 133rd Field Regiments, Royal Artillery
53rd Recce Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps
71st Antitank Regiment, Royal Artillery
25th Light AA Regiment, Royal Artillery
244th, 282nd, and 555th Field Companies Royal Engineers
285th Field Park Company Royal Engineers
22nd Bridging Platoon Royal Engineers
53rd Divisional Signals Company Royal Signals
1st Machine Gun Battalion Manchester Regiment
29th Armoured Brigade
Brig. C.B.C Harvey
23rd Hussars
3rd Royal Tank Regiment
2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry
8th Battalion, Rifle Brigade
33rd Armoured Brigade
Brig. H.B. Scott
144th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry
1st East Riding Yeomanry
34th Army Tank Brigade
Brig. G W.S. Clarke
9th Royal Tank Regiment
107th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
147th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps

Corps ReserveEdit

  Guards Armoured Division
Maj.-Gen. Allan Henry Shafto Adair
5th Guards Armoured Brigade
2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards
1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards
2nd Battalion, Irish Guards
1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards (Mechanized)
32nd Guards Brigade
5th Battalion, Coldstream Guards
3rd Battalion, Irish Guards
1st Battalion, Welsh Guards
2nd Battalion, Welsh Guards (Recce)
14th Field Company, Royal Engineers
615th Field Company, Royal Engineers
53rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
153rd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
21st Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery
94th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery
  43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division
Maj-Gen. G. Thomas
129th Infantry Brigade
4th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry
4th Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment
5th Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment
130th Infantry Brigade
7th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment
4th Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment
5th Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment
214th Infantry Brigade
7th Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry
1st Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment
5th Battalion, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
8th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment (Vickers Machine Gunners)
43rd Reconnaissance Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps
94th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
112th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
179th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
59th Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery
13th Bridging Platoon, Royal Engineers
204th Field Company, Royal Engineers
207th Field Park Company, Royal Engineers (from Bath, Somerset).
260th Field Company, Royal Engineers (from Chippenham, Wiltshire).
553rd Field Company, Royal Engineers
54th Company, RASC
504th Company, RASC
505th Company, RASC
506th Divisional Company, RASC
110th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery
  50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division
Maj-Gen. Douglas Alexander Graham
69th Infantry Brigade
5th Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment
6th Battalion, Green Howards
7th Battalion, Green Howards
151st Infantry Brigade
6th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry
8th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry
9th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry
231st Infantry Brigade
1st Battalion, Hampshire Regiment
1st Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment
1st/7th Battalion, Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
2nd Battalion, Cheshire Regiment
74th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
90th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
124th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
102nd Anti-Tank Regiment (Northumberland Hussars), Royal Artillery
25th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery
233rd Field Company, Royal Engineers
501st Field Company, Royal Engineers
505th Field Company, Royal Engineers
235th Field Park Company, Royal Engineers

Air SupportEdit

  U.S. Army Air ForcesEdit

  U.S. Strategic Air Forces in Europe Gen Carl Spaatz

  U.S. Eighth Air Force (Strategic)Edit

Lt Gen James H. Doolittle

  U.S. Ninth Air ForceEdit

Lt Gen Hoyt S. Vandenberg

IX Bombardment Division
Maj Gen Samuel E. Anderson
IX Troop Carrier Command
Maj Gen Paul L. Williams
IX Tactical Air Command (supporting First Army)
Maj Gen Elwood R. Quesada
XIX Tactical Air Command (supporting Third Army)
Maj Gen Otto P. Weyland
XXIX Tactical Air Command (supporting Ninth Army)
Brig Gen Richard E. Nugent

Royal Air ForceEdit

Bomber Command
Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Harris
Fighter Command
Air Marshal Sir Roderic M. Hill
Second Tactical Air Force
Air Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham

Axis ForcesEdit

Oberbefehlshaber West
Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt

Army Group BEdit

Generalfeldmarschall Walter Model

Fifth Panzer ArmyEdit

General der Panzertruppen Hasso von Manteuffel[o]

19th Flak Brigade
207th and 600th Engineer Battalions
653rd Heavy Panzerjäger Battalion
669th Ost (East) Battalion
638th, 1094th, and 1095th Heavy Artillery Batteries
25th/975th Fortress Artillery Battery
1099th, 1119th, and 1121st Heavy Mortar Batteries
3rd Todt Brigade (paramilitary engineers)
XXXIX Panzer CorpsEdit

Generalleutnant Karl Decker

  167th Volksgrenadier Division
Generalleutnant Hanskurt Höcker
331st, 339th, 387th Volksgrenadier Regiments
167th Artillery Regiment
167th Antitank Battalion
167th Engineer Battalion
167th Signals Battalion
XLVII Panzer CorpsEdit

General der Panzertruppen Heinrich Freiherr von Lüttwitz

15th Volkswerfer Brigade
182nd Flak Regiment
766th Volksartillerie Corps
  2nd Panzer Division
Oberst Meinrad von Lauchert
3rd Panzer Regiment
2nd and 304th Panzergrenadier Regiments
74th Artillery Regiment
2nd Recon Battalion
38th Antitank Battalion
38th Engineer Battalion
273rd Flak Battalion
38th Signals Battalion
  9th Panzer Division
Generalmajor Harald Freiherr von Elverfeldt
33rd Panzer Regiment
10th and 11th Panzergrenadier Regiments
102nd Artillery Regiment
9th Recon Battalion
50th Antitank Battalion
86th Engineer Battalion
287th Flak Battalion
81st Signals Battalion
301st Heavy Panzer Battalion (attached)
Generalleutnant Fritz Bayerlein
130th Panzer Regiment
901st and 902nd Panzergrenadier Regiments
130th Artillery Regiment
130th Recon Battalion
130th Antitank Battalion
130th Engineer Battalion
311th Flak Battalion
559th Antitank Battalion (attached)
243rd Assault Gun Brigade (attached)
  26th Volksgrenadier Division
Generalmajor Heinz Kokott
39th Fusilier and 77th and 78th Volksgrenadier Regiments
26th Artillery Regiment
26th Recon Battalion
26th Antitank Battalion
26th Engineer Battalion
26th Signals Battalion
Führer Begleit Brigade
Oberst Otto Remer
102nd Panzer Battalion
100th Panzergrenadier Regiment
120th Artillery Regiment
120th Recon Battalion
120th Engineer Battalion
828th Grenadier Battalion
673rd Antitank Battalion
LVIII Panzer CorpsEdit

General der Panzertruppen Walter Krüger

7th Volkswerfer Brigade (84th and 85th Werfer Regiments)
401st Volksartillerie Corps
1st Flak Regiment
  116th Panzer Division
Generalmajor Siegfried von Waldenburg
16th Panzer Regiment
60th and 156th Panzergrenadier Regiments
146th Artillery Regiment
146th Recon Battalion
226th Antitank Battalion
675th Engineer Battalion
281st Flak Battalion
  560th Volksgrenadier Division
Oberst Rudolf Langhauser
1128th, 1129th, and 1130th Volksgrenadier Regiments
1560th Artillery Regiment
1560th Antitank Battalion
1560th Engineer Battalion
1560th Signals Battalion
LXVI CorpsEdit

General der Artillerie Walter Lucht

16th Volkswerfer Brigade (86th and 87th Werfer Regiments)
244th Assault Gun Brigade
460th Heavy Artillery Battalion
18th Volksgrenadier Division
Oberst Günther Hoffmann-Schönborn
293rd, 294th, and 295th Volksgrenadier Regiments
1818th Artillery Regiment
1818th Antitank Battalion
1818th Engineer Battalion
1818th Signals Battalion
  62nd Volksgrenadier Division
Oberst Friedrich Kittel
164th, 193rd, and 190th Volksgrenadier Regiments
162nd Artillery Regiment
162nd Antitank Battalion
162nd Engineer Battalion
162nd Signals Battalion

Sixth Panzer ArmyEdit

Oberstgruppenführer der Waffen SS Josef Dietrich[p]

683rd Heavy Antitank Battalion
217th Assault Panzer Battalion
394th, 667th, and 902nd Assault Gun Battalions
741st Antitank Battalion
1098th, 1110th, and 1120th Heavy Howitzer Batteries
428th Heavy Mortar Battery
1123rd K-3 Battery
2nd Flak Division (41st and 43rd Regiments)
von der Heydte Fallschirmjager Battalion
4th Todt Brigade
  I SS Panzer CorpsEdit

SS-Gruppenführer Hermann Priess

4th Volkswerfer Brigade (51st and 53rd Werfer Regiments)
9th Volkswerfer Brigade (14th and 54th Werfer Regiments)
388th Volksartillerie Corps
402nd Volksartillerie Corps
501st SS-Artillery Battalion
501st SS-Artillery Observation Battalion
  1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte Adolph Hitler
SS Oberführer Wilhelm Mohnke
1st SS Panzer Regiment
1st and 2nd SS Panzergrenadier Regiments
1st SS Artillery Regiment
1st SS Recon Battalion
1st SS Antitank Battalion
1st SS Engineer Battalion
1st SS Flak Battalion
1st SS Signals Battalion
501st SS Heavy Panzer Battalion (attached)
84th Luftwaffe Flak Battalion (attached)
  3rd Parachute Division
Generalmajor Walther Wadehn
5th, 8th, and 9th Parachute Infantry Regiments
3rd Artillery Regiment
3rd Recon Battalion
3rd Antitank Battalion
3rd Engineer Battalion
3rd Signals battalion
  12th SS Panzer Division Hitler Jugend
SS Standartenführer Hugo Kraas
12th SS Panzer Regiment
25th and 26th SS Panzergrenadier Regiments
12th SS Artillery Regiment
12th SS Recon Battalion
12th SS Antitank Battalion
12th SS Engineer Battalion
12th SS Flak Battalion
560th Heavy Antitank Battalion (attached)
  12th Volksgrenadier Division
Generalmajor Gerhard Engel
27th Fusilier and 48th and 89th Volksgrenadier Regiments
12th Artillery Regiment
12th Antitank Battalion
12th Fusilier Battalion
12th Engineer Battalion
12th Signals Battalion
  277th Volksgrenadier Division
Oberst Wilhelm Viebig
289th, 990th, and 991st Volksgrenadier Regiments
277th Artillery Regiment
277th Antitank Battalion
277th Engineer Battalion
277th Signals Battalion
150th Panzer Brigade
Obersturmbannführer der Waffen SS Otto Skorzeny
Two Panzer companies
Two Panzergrenadier companies
Two antitank companies
A heavy mortar battalion (two batteries)
600th SS Parachute Battalion Kampfgruppe 200 (Luftwaffe ground unit)
An anti-partisan company
II SS Panzer CorpsEdit

SS Obergruppenführer Willi Bittrich

410th Volksartillerie Corps
502nd SS Heavy Artillery Battalion
502nd SS Artillery Observation Battalion
  2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich
SS Brigadeführer Heinz Lammerding
2nd SS Panzer Regiment
3rd and 4th SS Panzergrenadier Regiments
2nd SS Artillery Regiment
2nd SS Recon Battalion
2nd SS Engineer Battalion
2nd SS Flak Battalion
2nd SS Signals Battalion
  9th SS Panzer Division Hohenstaufen
SS Oberführer Sylvester Stadler
9th SS Panzer Regiment
19th and 20th SS Panzergrenadier Regiments
9th SS Artillery Regiment
9th SS Recon Battalion
9th SS Antitank Battalion
9th SS Engineer Battalion
9th SS Flak Battalion
9th SS Signals Battalion
519th Heavy Antitank Battalion (attached)
LXVII CorpsEdit

Generalleutnant Otto Hitzfeld

17th Volkswerfer Brigade (88th and 89th Werfer Regiments)
405th Volksartillerie Corps
1001st Heavy Assault Gun Company
  3rd Panzergrenadier Division
Generalmajor Walter Denkert
8th and 29th Panzergrenadier Regiments
103rd Panzer Battalion
3rd Artillery Regiment
103rd Recon Battalion
3rd Antitank Battalion
3rd Engineer Battalion
3rd Flak Battalion
3rd Signals Battalion
246th Volksgrenadier Division
Oberst Peter Körte
352nd, 404th, and 689th VG Regiments
246th Artillery Regiment
246th Antitank Battalion
246th Engineer Battalion
246th Signals Battalion
272nd Volksgrenadier Division
Generalmajor Eugen König
980th, 981st, and 982nd Volksgrenadier Regiments
272nd Artillery Regiment
272nd Antitank Battalion
272nd Engineer Battalion
272nd Signals Battalion
326th Volksgrenadier Division
Oberst Erwin Kaschner
751st, 752nd, and 753rd Volksgrenadier Regiments
326th Artillery Regiment
326th Antitank Battalion
326th Engineer Battalion
326th Signals Battalion

  Seventh ArmyEdit

General der Panzertruppen Erich Brandenberger

657th and 668th Heavy Antitank Battalions
501st Fortress Antitank Battalion
47th Engineer Battalion
1092nd, 1093rd, 1124th, and 1125th Heavy Howitzer Batteries
660th Heavy Artillery Battery
1029th, 1039th, and 1122nd Heavy Mortar Batteries
999th Penal Battalion
44th Machine Gun Battalion
15th Flak Regiment
1st Todt Brigade
LIII CorpsEdit

General der Kavallerie Edwin von Rothkirch

  9th Volksgrenadier Division
Oberst Werner Kolb
36th, 57th, and 116th VG Regiments
9th Artillery Regiment
9th Antitank Battalion
9th Engineer Battalion
9th Signals Battalion
15th Panzergrenadier Division
Oberst Hans Joachim Deckert
104th and 115th Pzgr Regiments
115th Panzer Battalion
115th Artillery Regiment
115th Recon Battalion
33rd Antitank Battalion
33rd Engineer Battalion
33rd Flak Battalion
33rd Signals Battalion
  Führer Grenadier Brigade
Oberst Hans-Joachim Kahler
99th Pzgr Regiment
101st Panzer Battalion
911th Assault Gun Brigade
124th Antitank Battalion
124th Engineer Battalion
124th Flak Battalion
124th Artillery Regiment
LXXX CorpsEdit

General der Infanterie Franz Beyer

408th Volksartillerie Corps
8th Volkswerfer Brigade
2nd and Lehr Werfer Regiments
212th Volksgrenadier Division
Generalmajor Franz Sensfuß
316th, 320th, and 423rd VG Regiments
212th Artillery Regiment
212th Antitank Battalion
212th Engineer Battalion
212th Signals Battalion
276th Volksgrenadier Division
Generalmajor Kurt Möhring (later Oberst Hugo Dempwolff)
986th, 987th, and 988th VG Regiments
276th Artillery Regiment
276th Antitank Battalion
276th Engineer Battalion
276th Signals Battalion
  340th Volksgrenadier Division
Oberst Theodor Tolsdorff
694th, 695th, and 696th VG Regiments
340th Artillery Regiment
340th Antitank Battalion
340th Engineer Battalion
340th Signals Battalion
LXXXV CorpsEdit

General der Infanterie Baptist Kniess

406th Volksartillerie Corps
18th Volkswerfer Brigade (21st and 22nd Werfer Regiments)
5th Parachute Division
Generalmajor Ludwig Heilmann
13th, 14th, and 15th Parachute Infantry Regiments
5th Artillery Regiment
5th Recon Battalion
5th Engineer Battalion
5th Flak Battalion
11th Assault Gun Brigade
  352nd Volksgrenadier Division
Oberst Erich-Otto Schmidt
914th, 915th, and 916th Volksgrenadier Regiments
352nd Artillery Regiment
352nd Antitank Battalion
352nd Engineer Battalion
352nd Signals Battalion
  79th Volksgrenadier Division
Oberst Alois Weber
208th, 212th, and 226th Volksgrenadier Regiments
179th Artillery Regiments
179th Antitank Battalion
179th Engineer Battalion
179th Signals Battalion


II Fighter Corps
Generalmajor Dietrich Peltz

III Flak Corps
Generalleutnant Wolfgang Pickert


  1. ^ After the war, served as commandant of the former Palace Hotel (called "Camp Ashcan") in the Luxembourg town of Mondorf-les-Bains where high-level German prisoners were kept in the months leading up the Nuremberg Trials.
  2. ^ Attached
  3. ^ Served as Chief of Staff of the Army during the Korean War.
  4. ^ In England when the German assault began; during the Korean War, provided vigorous leadership to the US Eighth Army, followed by a term as Chief of Staff of the Army.
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  7. ^ Both Runstedt and Model were deeply skeptical of the offensive's chances of success, but Hitler ignored all their objections. [Beevor, p. 82]
  8. ^ In contrast with Manteuffel, Dietrich opened the offensive on his front with a massive artillery bombardment. [Beevor, p. 112]
  9. ^ Manteuffel disregarded Hitler's desire for an opening artillery bombardment; he felt such an action was "a World War I concept and completely out of place in the Ardennes, in view of the thinly held lines," and would only serve to destroy the element of surprise. [Beevor, p. 112]
  10. ^ After the war, served as commandant of the former Palace Hotel (called "Camp Ashcan") in the Luxembourg town of Mondorf-les-Bains where high-level German prisoners were kept in the months leading up the Nuremberg Trials.
  11. ^ In England when the German assault began; during the Korean War, provided vigorous leadership to the US Eighth Army, followed by a term as Chief of Staff of the Army.
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  13. ^ Regular CO Maj. Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor was in the United States and his deputy, Brig. Gen. Gerald J. Higgins, was in England; McAuliffe was the divisional artillery commander. [Beevor, p. 154]
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  15. ^ Manteuffel disregarded Hitler's desire for an opening artillery bombardment; he felt such an action was "a World War I concept and completely out of place in the Ardennes, in view of the thinly held lines," and would only serve to destroy the element of surprise. [Beevor, p. 112]
  16. ^ In contrast with Manteuffel, Dietrich opened the offensive on his front with a massive artillery bombardment. [Beevor, p. 112]


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