Bangladesh University of Textiles

Bangladesh University of Textiles, commonly referred to as BUTEX (Bengali: বুটেক্স), is an engineering based specialized university in Bangladesh. It is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the urban setting of the large metropolis of Dhaka. The institution emphasizes on technological education in textile while keeps entrepreneurial industrialization as its primary subject of interest.[2]

Bangladesh University of Textiles
বাংলাদেশ টেক্সটাইল বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়
Official Seal
Other name
Former name
  • British Weaving School (1921-1935)
  • East Bengal Textile Institute (1935-1950)
  • East Pakistan Textile Institute (1950-1978)
  • College of Textile Engineering and Technology (1978-2010)
  • Bangladesh University of Textiles (2010-Present)
MottoKnowledge Is Power
TypePublic, Research
Established22 December, 2010
Academic affiliation
Endowment190 million (per year)
ChairmanVice-Chancellor, BUTEX
ChancellorPresident of Bangladesh
Vice-ChancellorProf. Engr. Md. Abul Kashem[1]
Academic staff
Administrative staff
92, Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Avenue, Tejgaon Industrial Area
CampusUrban, 11.67 acres (4.72 ha)
Education SystemCo-education
AccreditationBAB, IEB, ITET, UGC
ColorsCardinal Red  
SportsFootball, Cricket, Athletics

It has seven affiliated colleges, each of which is textile based institutes of technology.[3] The colleges are centrally regulated by the university while funding is provisioned under a bilateral MoU signed between Ministry of Education, Bangladesh and Department of Textiles, Bangladesh.[4]

The university itself offers academic and professional degrees in various fields of textile technology, fashion designing, advanced business and marketing strategies and in several other disciplines on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. As of November 2018, it offers graduate program in 10 different specialized areas under its five distinct faculties.


The institution was originally established in 1921 as a weaving school at Narinda, Dhaka, during the British colonial rule, to provide specialized technical education in the fields of textile by offering artisan-level courses. It used to go by the name "British Weaving School". A while later, it took the name "East Bengal Textile Institute" only to offer diploma courses in textile manufacturing process. In 1950, it was once again renamed as "East Pakistan Textile Institute". The institute was transferred to its present campus at Tejgaon Industrial Area in Dhaka in 1960.[5]

In the post-liberation era of Bangladesh, in 1978, the institute launched a four-year period bachelor's degree program in textile technology in affiliation with University of Dhaka and re-branded itself as "College of Textile Engineering and Technology". Initially, intake was only 60 per year and more than 4,800 textile engineers and technologists have graduated from this institution since the introduction of bachelor's degree course.[5]

Central administrative building. Previously, this was the main academic building on campus.

The evolved College of Textile Engineering and Technology proved to be an economically important institute under the administrative control of the Bangladesh education ministry through Directorate of Technical Education which offered Bachelor of Science in textile technology and in textile management courses as a constituent college of the University of Dhaka. Considering the importance of textile education and research and with an objective of equipping its textile industry with qualified manpower sound in updated technical knowledge, expertise and essential skills in building the appropriate backward linkages at the shortest possible time to face the challenges of quota-free post-MFA period, the Government of Bangladesh took initiatives to upgrade the College of Textile Engineering and Technology into a full-fledged university. After receiving a formal consent from the President of Bangladesh to fulfill that purpose, the "Bangladesh Textile University Act, 2010" (Act no. 49, 2010) was passed by the Bangladesh national assembly on 5 October 2010. The act was made effective from 22 December, 2010 as per SRO No. 395-law/2010 date 20 December 2010 of the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, officially inaugurated the revamped institution with its present naming scheme BUTEX on 15 March, 2011.[6]


Ten degree granting accredited departments of the institution, and the faculties they are run by, are listed following an alphabetic order below:


Bangladesh Handloom Education and Training InstituteEdit

Bangladesh Handloom Education and Training Institute, is a technical training institute controlled by Bangladesh Handloom Board and maintained by Ministry of Textiles and Jute, under the academic supervision of BUTEX.[7]

Campus lifeEdit

Student activitiesEdit

Several student run organizations or clubs in the institution allow its members and participants to engage in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.[8] The university administration permits their formation, provides them with necessary funding and associates a selected portion of them with faculty guidance. Some of the clubs are branches of large organizations expanding their countrywide and sometimes, global network, among youths. Names of each of the student organizations and clubs are listed following an alphabetic order below:

  • ARTEX – Born after an initiative taken by the students to beautify their campus, this club focuses on practicing several form of arts and occasionally hosts events where students participate in doing campus-wide graffiti alongside various other arts based competitions.[9]
  • Badhon – The BUTEX unit of this Bangladeshi voluntary organization runs its operation to encourage students in donating blood and makes arrangements in times of critical emergency necessity.[10] They also hosts annual events where students coming from disadvantaged families get a chance to test their blood and know their groups for free.[11]
  • Bauliana – Run by students who are enthusiastic to the spiritual explorations of Lalon, this club offers a platform to socialize within the campus for the like-minded students.
  • BUTEX Business Club – Created with a business theme ingrained in it, members of this club host business-case solving events, and arrange seminars involving pioneering industry leaders and prominent innovators from corporate world.[12][13] The club also houses academic decathlons and provides ways for students to participate in internationally recognized competitions by inviting and introducing the organizers to the campus. It is among the few clubs on campus to receive a faculty member appointed in their governing body as their advisor of operations.[14]
  • BUTEX Debating Club – Playing its role of providing an engaging platform to its members, this club, under its flagship name Bunon, often gets to represent the institution nationally and internationally in various fields of artistic speech giving and debates. As of October 2020, it is the most successful student organization of BUTEX in its entire history, to grab most wins in numerous championships, upholding the flag of their institution.[15]
  • BUTEXITS – Students in schools have been developing apps during their study years independently.[16][17] To achieve institutional acknowledgements, and as a response to the growing dependence on information technology in this digital age when the fourth industrial revolution is knocking on the door, BUTEX IT Society is formed. This is, as of October 2020, the newest inclusion to join the club family.
  • BUTEXPS – A club formed by students with a keen interest in all things photography.
  • BUTEX Career Club – Suggestive of its name, this club organizes events to aid young learners in clearing confusion about their future career path. They arrange workshops and job fairs.[18]
  • Chemical Club – Created by the faculty of Textile Chemicals Engineering, this club works with students who show interest in the field of chemistry and aspire to lead the future chemical industry.[19] They host workshops and is guided by a faculty in their operations.[20]
  • Ekattor – The cultural club of BUTEX, it includes a cultural unit, a theater unit, and a photographic society unit. It started its journey on 26 March 2011, in an honor to a freedom fighter of the Bangladesh Liberation War.[21]
  • BUTEX Environmental Club – A socially active club, which works to raise consciousness about the surrounding, and to lessen all forms of pollution, with trying to find out effective solutions for better industrial waste management.[22]
  • ExCa BUTEX – It is a club dedicated for the students who come from a cadet background.
  • Fashionnovation – A club centered around creative ideas of fashion.[23] They arrange design competitions and launch assistive courses online.[24]
  • Film Society – This club engages in making indie films and supports film-making talents inside the campus by promoting their efforts.[25] Often, they produce short-films and arrange campus-wide watch parties.
  • BUTEX Gamers' Maze – Following the ever-growing surge in growth and what the biggest industry of the planet has to offer, this club arranges fests and campus wide gaming competitions.
  • Journalist Society – Driven by passion towards journalism, this club is run by a select number of energetic students and operates within the campus boundary. It stays solely focused on campus related issues alongside latest happenings in the global textile community and actively works for erasing communication gap between students and the decision makers.[26]
  • BUTEX Science Club – A student initiative working for the enrichment of scientific knowledge and enhancement of research in the undergraduate level.[27] It is also among the clubs that receives an operations advisor from the university faculty. It organizes events and participates in inter-university Olympiads and competitions on various occasions.[28]
  • Shahitto Shongshod / Shuhrid Shomabesh – A place for students to share and practice their literary skills. Despite not having any publication scope of their own, they hold occasional literary events internally.[29]
  • BUTEX Spinner's Club – This club is formed by students from the Department of Yarn Engineering and primarily focuses on increasing its collaborative network with the industry. It occasionally arranges recreational events and hosts annual carnivals which extend beyond the campus.[30]
  • Pothik – A club formed by students with a touch of nihilistic euphoria in their mind.
  • Prothom Alo Bondhushobha – An extended campus unit of the nationwide youth activist group Bondhushobha, a sister concern of Prothom Alo—a major daily newspaper agency in Bangladesh.
  • Toru Institute of Inclusive Innovation – An operational chapter of the institution with the same name, in the campus.
  • Travelers of BUTEX – This is a club that functions as a meeting hub for students who identify themselves as an avid traveler. It frequently organizes seasonal trips and tours to faraway destinations.
  • Youth Against Hunger – This works as an on-campus student unit for the countrywide voluntary relief organization in Bangladesh. Their activities are centered around working for the underprivileged part of the population and tends to expand beyond the neighborhood community.

Student facilitiesEdit

Industrial collaborationEdit

The institution authority arranges industrial tours for the undergrad students in a per semester basis. These visits are done in collaboration with select textile goods manufacturing companies, apparel houses and testing labs, in order to introduce young learners directly with the working environment from an earlier stage of their studentship.

Medical facilityEdit

An on-campus doctor is employed on full-time duty with an allocated chamber inside the main campus building if need should arise. The university authority also holds a deal with MH Shamarita Medical College and Hospital, a composite medical facility situated near the campus, to provide medical service to its students and stuffs along with the faculty at a minimal service cost.

Residential facilitiesEdit

There are four dormitories which are also known as "Halls of Residence" to provide housing for the regular students.[31] Administrative head in charge of a dormitory is its Provost, who is elected from among the institution faculty, and is granted the duty for a two-year time period.

G.M.A.G. Osmani Hall
Shaheed Aziz Hall

They are listed below:

  • Shaheed Aziz Hall
  • G.M.A.G. Osmani Hall
  • Syed Nazrul Islam Hall
  • Sheikh Hasina Hall

Each of these facilities are named after eminent historical figures of Bangladesh, only except being the Sheikh Hasina Hall. A fifth dormitory facility for students with the name "Subahan Ali Hall" is awaiting government approval for its construction.

Sports facilitiesEdit

The institution has a centrally located playground inside of the campus for its students and the faculty. There are two other separate playgrounds, one of which is located at the premises of the Shaheed Aziz Hall, while the other is at the G.M.A.G. Osmani Hall — being the largest of them all.[32]

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