Bade District

Coordinates: 24°57′27.43″N 121°17′55.62″E / 24.9576194°N 121.2987833°E / 24.9576194; 121.2987833

Bade District (Chinese: 八德區; pinyin: Bādé Qū) is a district in the central part of Taoyuan City, Taiwan (Republic of China). It is the smallest district in Taoyuan City.[2]

Bade District
Bade District in Taoyuan City
Bade District in Taoyuan City
Location of Bade
Country Taiwan
MunicipalityTaoyuan City
 • TypeDistrict
 • MayorHo Cheng-sen[1]
 • Total33.71 km2 (13.02 sq mi)
 (January 2017)
 • Total193,236 Edit this at Wikidata (in Chinese)
Bade District office (then Bade City Hall)


Bade City was originally established as Bakuaicuo (八塊厝) during Qing Dynasty rule. During the period of Japanese rule, it was called Hachitoku Village (八塊庄), and was governed under Tōen District (桃園郡) of Shinchiku Prefecture.

After the handover of Taiwan from Japan to the Republic of China, the area was established as a rural township and named Bade Township in 1946. In 1995, it was upgraded as a county-administered city named Bade City (Chinese: 八德市; pinyin: Bādé Shì). On 25 December 2014, it became Bade District.[2]


Area: 33.71 square kilometres (13.02 sq mi)[2]
Population: 193,236 (January 2017)[3]

Administrative divisionsEdit

The district comprises 48 villages: Bailu, Daai, Daan, Dachang, Dacheng, Dafa, Dafu, Dahan, Dahe, Dahong, Dahua, Dajiang, Daming, Danan, Daqian, Daqing, Daren, Darong, Dashun, Datong, Daxin, Daxing, Dayi, Dayong, Dazheng, Dazhi, Dazhong, Dazhu, Fuxing, Gaocheng, Gaoming, Guangde, Guanglong, Guangxing, Jiadong, Jiaming, Liuguang, Longyou, Ruide, Ruifa, Ruifeng, Ruitai, Ruixiang, Ruixing, Xiaoli, Xingren, Yongfeng and Zhuyuan.


Tourist attractionsEdit

Bade Pond Ecological Park


Guishan is served by National Freeway 2.

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