Baba Buddha

Baba Buddha (6 October 1506 – 8 September 1631) [1]was a prime figure in early Sikhism. He was born in 1506 at village Kathu Nangal in district Amritsar. At a child age when he was grazing cattle outside his village he met Guru Nanak. He asked such questions of life and death such as absolving from life and death, at that small age, that Guru Nanak blessed him with name Buddha as he talked like wise old aged people.He was one of the earliest disciples of Guru Nanak. He performed the formal coronation ceremonies of five Sikh gurus, till Guru Hargobind. It is said that in his childhood, he was blessed with a long life by Guru Nanak, who called him Buddha (old man) after he was amused by his mature queries related to spirituality.[2][3]

Baba Buddha
Guru Arjun Dev being pronounced fifth guru.jpg
Baba Buddha crowning the fifth guru
Born6 October 1506
Amritsar, India
Died8 September 1631(1631-09-08) (aged 124)
Ramdas Village
Years active1506-1631
Known forEarly figure of Sikhism
Parent(s)Bhai Sukha Randhawa, Mai Gauran

On installation of the Adi Granth, sacred book of Sikhs, at Harimandir Sahib on 16 August 1604, Bhai Buddha was appointed first Head Priest (Granthi) by Guru Arjun.

On 30 May 1606 [1] after the martyrdom of Guru Arjun, Guru Hargobind ordered the construction of the Akal Takhat, opposite Sr The Golden Temple. Baba Buddha and Bhai Gurdas were entrusted with responsibility for this construction. Baba Buddha, remained in the service of the first six Sikh gurus and served them day and night.

After having created five Sikh Gurus after Guru Nanak, Baba Buddha died at the age of 125 years in 1631 at Ramdas on the bank of Ravi, where his son had purchased land and his parents had settled. Sixth Guru Hargobind was at his bedside and honoured him by carrying him to his funeral pyre.


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