Baba Adam's Mosque

Baba Adam's Mosque is a Jami Mosque situated in the village of Kazi Qasba under Rikabibazar Union in Rampal thana of Munshiganj District in Bangladesh. It was built in 1483 A.D. The mosque was constructed as a Jami mosque by Malik Kafur.[1] The grave of Saint Baba Adam Shahid stands near by the mosque. The mosque is named after Saint Baba Adam Shahid.

Baba Adam’s Mosque
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LocationBangladesh Munshiganj, Bangladesh
Baba Adam's Mosque is located in Bangladesh
Baba Adam's Mosque
Shown within Bangladesh
Geographic coordinates23°33′23″N 90°29′47″E / 23.556431°N 90.496350°E / 23.556431; 90.496350Coordinates: 23°33′23″N 90°29′47″E / 23.556431°N 90.496350°E / 23.556431; 90.496350
StyleIslamic architecture Area = 43' x 36'
Date established1483


The mosque is the only surviving example in the ancient Hindu settlement of Rampal upazila in Munshiganj district. It is named after locally famous Sufi Saint Baba Adam Shahid, who died in a jihad against a local Hindu Raja. The mosque was built in 888A.H/1483-84 A.d by Malik Kafur during the origin of Sultan Jalal al-din Fath Shah (Ahmed 1960:118).[2] The grave of Saint Baba Adam Shahid stands near by the mosque.[3] Baba Adam's Mosque is now a protected monument under the Department of Archaeology (Bangladesh). It has been renovated and is in a comparatively good state of preservation.


All the entrances and mihrabs are recessed within rectangular frames. The south and north walls contain rectangular niches. The mosque does not have a minaret. On both sides of the central doorway there are two multi-cusped rectangular panels. The arches are supported on faceted small pillars and decorated with a beautiful terracotta floral design and a hanging motif. This type of facade decoration is also found in shahjadpur mosque (Serajganj).[4]


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