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Atid (Hebrew: עתיד, lit. Future) was a short-lived liberal political faction in Israel in the mid-1990s.


LeaderAlex Goldfarb
Founded27 November 1995
Split fromYiud
Merged intoCenter Party[1]
Most MKs2 (1995–1996)
Fewest MKs2 (1995–1996)

It is not related to the modern parties Atid Ehad or Yesh Atid.


The faction was established on 27 November 1995 during the 13th Knesset as a breakaway from Yiud, itself a breakaway from Tzomet following disagreements between party leader Rafael Eitan and three other MKs. Two of the MKs who had left Tzomet to form Yiud, Alex Goldfarb and Esther Salmovitz, then broke away to form Atid, leaving Gonen Segev as the only remaining member of Yiud.

The faction remained part of Shimon Peres' governing coalition and Goldfarb retained his post as Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction. After the Knesset term ended, the faction was dissolved and did not run in the 1996 elections.

It was subsumed by the Center Party.[1]

List of Knesset membersEdit

Name Years in office Government roles Other roles
Alex Goldfarb 1995–1996 Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction
Esther Salmovitz 1995–1996


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