Asad ibn Hashim (Arabic: أسد بن هاشم‎) was the son of Hashim ibn Abd al-Manaf and the brother of Abdul Muttalib. He was the father of Fatima bint Asad, the mother of Ali and the cousin and wife of Abu Talib. Asad was a very respectful person among the Qureshi Arab tribe. He was a merchant and very often helped the poor. His name means Lion (a brave one). His descendants usually use the surname "Qureshi", "Hashmi" or "al-Hashmi al-Asadi", while some of his descendants avoid using any surname.


Historians are not clear about his exact date of birth, but according to the sources he was born in 485AD or 297AD in Mecca.


According to sources he was of a religion of Abraham, as most of the Arabs were of Abraham's religion, including his tribe Quresh and his other uncles. Asad died before the birth of Muhammad.

Brothers and sistersEdit

  • Abu Saifi bin Hashim
  • Abd al-Muttalib bin Hashim
  • Nazil bin Hashim
  • Nadla binte Hashim
  • Safia binte Hashim
  • Shifa binte Hashim
  • Ruqayya binte Hashim
  • Khalidah binte Hashim
  • Hannah binte Hashim
  • Zaifah binte Hashim
  • Janna binte Hashim
  • Ramlah binte Hashim
  • Hayyah binte Hashim
  • Da'ifah binte Hashim
  • Sayfah bin Hashim
  • Abbas bin Hashim
  • Abu Sayr bin Hashim


  • Fatimah bint Asad bin Hashim

She was the mother of Caliph Ali and his brothers. Fatimah binte Asad was very dear to Muhammad.

  • Hunain bin Asad bin Hashim (حنین بن اسد بن ہاشم) [1]

Hunain was a son of Asad, and he had two sons, Abdullah and Abd-ur Rahman. They both were Sahabi and Abdullah and Abdullah's son name are mentioned in many books of Ahadith.[2] From the sons of Hunain, Abd-ur Rahman was the ancestor of the famous saint of the sub-continent Sheikh-ul-Islam Bahauddin Zakariya.

  • Khalda binte Assad bin Hashim (she married her cousin Al-arqam bin Nazil bin Hashim and had a daughter named Um al-Saaib al-Shafaa)[3]
  • Habbar bin Assad bin Hashim (he married his cousin Sa'd bin Abi Sayfi bin Hashim and had a daughter named Abdul-Rahman bin Habbar)


He died before the birth of Muhammad, and was buried in Jannat al-Mu'alla previously known as Hajoon, in Mecca with his other family members.


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