Area codes 619 and 858

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Area codes 619 and 858 are California telephone area codes serving most of San Diego County.

Map of California numbering plan areas (blue) and border states. Area code 619 is shown in red.

Area code 619 was created by a split from 714 in 1982, and was the first new area code in California since 707 was added in 1959. It originally covered almost all of the southernmost portion of California, from San Diego to the Nevada border.

On March 23, 1997, most of outer northern San Diego County, desert areas and geographical areas in southeastern California split into 760. On June 12, 1999, the northern half of San Diego and the inner northern suburbs split into area code 858. In June 2000, the southern and eastern parts of the county were to split into area code 935, but that split was suspended indefinitely due to popular and political opposition.[1]

In response to projections that 619 would exhaust in March 2019, the California Public Utilities Commission approved a relief plan that "erased" the 619/858 boundary, turning 619 and 858 into overlay codes for all of the inner portion of San Diego County. This change took effect in June 2018; at that time, 10-digit local calling became mandatory.[2] At the time, 858 was not projected to exhaust for at least 30 years, despite North County's continued explosive growth.[3] Under the most recent projections, San Diego will not need another area code until 2043 at the earliest.[4]

Cities and communities served by 619/858Edit

* Communities that are mostly or entirely within the City of San Diego

Incorporated cities within San Diego County

In popular cultureEdit

  • Professional wrestler and San Diego native Rey Mysterio named his finishing move "The 619" after the area code.[5] A DVD featuring him is titled Rey Mysterio: 619.[6] His entrance theme is called "Booyaka 619" and is performed by fellow San Diego natives P.O.D.
  • Football player Reggie Bush painted the number 619 into his eyeblack during games. He explained "When I do that, it's my way of keeping myself humble, of representing my hometown and letting them know I'm not going to forget where I came from."[7]
  • The switch of 619 to 858 was referenced in the song "Area Code" by Steve Poltz.

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