Anton Starkopf

Anton Starkop (22 April 1889 Röa, Rapla County – 30 December 1966 Tartu) was Estonian sculptor.[1]

1911-1912 he studied at Anton Ažbe Art School in Munich and 1912–1913 at Académie Russe and Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris.[1]

During the World War I, he was war prisoner in Dresden, Germany.[1]

1918 he returned to Estonia. There he was one of the founder of Pallas Art School. 1919-1940 he was teacher and 1929-1940 also the director of this school. He was married to Estonian artist Lydia Mei from 1920 to 1928 .[1]

1944-1950 he was head of sculpture chair at Tartu State Art Institute and 1945-1948 its director.[1]

1950 he moved to Moscow. There he worked in Merkurov's studio.[1]

Notable worksEdit

  • Drowning Man
  • Sunbather
  • Mother and Child


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