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Why is this tag here?

An editor could not determine if this word is correctly spelled. This word was most likely detected by the moss spell check project or the correct typos in one click project. Wiktionary and Wikipedia article titles are used by the automated spell checker to identify correct words.


Place the tag, with any optional parameters, immediately after the word or phrase in question. This template should not be subst:'d. For example:

The mkibbit{{typo help inline|reason=should this have one b or two?|date=March 2019}} is an elusive animal

looks like this:

The mkibbit[check spelling] is a elusive animal

What can I do to fix it?

  • If the word is misspelled:
    • Correct the spelling in the Wikipedia article and remove the {{typo help inline}} tag.
    • Follow the steps for a correctly spelled word, below.
  • If the word is English and correctly spelled:
    • If the correct spelling is not in the English Wiktionary and is not an article on English Wikipedia, add it to Wiktionary if it meets the criteria for inclusion.
    • If the correct spelling is not suitable for Wiktionary, consider creating a Wikipedia article or redirect if appropriate.
    • If the correct spelling is not suitable for either of those things, tag the it in the Wikipedia article with {{not a typo}}.
  • If the word is from a non-English language:
    • Make sure it is correctly spelled.
    • Change the tag to {{lang}} for words in the language's native writing system, or {{transl}} for transliterations. You'll need to know the ISO 639 language code for either, which you can find on the Wikipedia article for that language.
  • If you're not sure if the word is correctly spelled or not, you can just leave the tag. If you want to research the question, you can try searching sources that have relatively reliable spellings, such as dictionaries, Google Books, or Google Scholar.
  • If you know the word is not English but don't know what language it is in, change the tag to {{which lang}}.


All parameters are optional, and date will be added by a bot if missing.

reason=toolip text


Adding this template will put articles under Category:Articles with unidentified words.

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