Rapla County

Rapla County (Estonian: Rapla maakond), or Raplamaa, is one of the fifteen counties of Estonia. It is situated in the western part of the country and borders Järva County to the east, Pärnu County to the south, Lääne County to the west, and Harju County to the north. In January 2021 Rapla County had a population of 33,116 – constituting 2.5% of the total population of Estonia.[1]

Rapla County
Kehtna Mõisa peahoone vaade üle tiigi.jpg
Coat of arms of Rapla County
Coat of arms
Location of Rapla County
 • GovernorTiit Leier
 • Total2,979.70 km2 (1,150.47 sq mi)
 • Total34,614
 • Rank7th
 • Density12/km2 (30/sq mi)
 • Estonians94%
 • other6%
ISO 3166 codeEE-71
Vehicle registrationL


The first written records of Rapla date back to the 1241 Danish census (Liber Census Daniae).

County governmentEdit

The County Government (Estonian: Maavalitsus) is led by a governor (Estonian: maavanem), who is appointed by the Government of Estonia for a term of five years. Since 2009, the Governor position is held by Tiit Leier.


Municipalities of Rapla County after 2017 administrative reform

The county is subdivided into municipalities. There are 4 rural municipalities (Estonian: vallad – parishes) in Rapla County:

Rank Municipality Type Population
1 Kehtna Parish Rural 5,605 512 10.9
2 Kohila Parish Rural 7,096 230 30.9
3 Märjamaa Parish Rural 7,739 1,174 6.6
4 Rapla Parish Rural 13,334 849 15.7


Natural resources found in Rapla county include limestone, dolomite, peat, and clay.

Miscellaneous topicsEdit

The church of Rapla was built in 1901. However, much of the interior dates back to several hundred years earlier and is of high structural quality and historical value. In the churchyard there are several crosses remaining from the 17th century.



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