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Ansar Al-Furqan (Arabic: انصار الفرقان‎, Partisans of the Criterion[4]) is a Sunni Baloch militant organization active in Sistan and Baluchestan insurgency and a designated terrorist organization by Iran. The group was established in December 2013 by a merger of Harakat al-Ansar (Arabic: حرکةالانصار‎) and Hizbul-Furqan (Arabic: حزب‌الفرقان‎).[5]

Ansar Al-Furqan
Participant in Sistan and Baluchestan insurgency and Arab separatism in Khuzestan
Flag of Jihad.svg
Ansar Al-Furqan uses Black Standard
IdeologySalafist jihadism
LeadersHesham Azizi (KIA) (2013–2015)[1]
Jalil Qanbarzehi (KIA) (2015–2017)[2]
Area of operationsSistan and Baluchestan Province
Khuzestan Province
Opponent(s)Iran Iran
Originated as
Harakat Ansar Iran and Hizbul-Furqan

According to Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium, they have ties to Katibat al Asad Al ‘Islamia, Jeish Muhammad, Al-Nusra Front and Jaish ul-Adl.[6]

During the 2017-18 Iranian protests, Ansar Al-Furqan claimed responsibility for bombing an oil pipeline in Ahvaz, a city located in Iran's Khuzestan province.[7][8]

They also took responsibility for 2018 Chabahar suicide bombing which killed two people and injured around 48 others.


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