Anastasius of Suppentonia

Saint Anastasius of Suppentonia (d. 570 AD), or Anastasius of Castel Sant'Elia, was an abbot of Suppentonia (Castel Sant’Elia).[1] A source on Anastasius’ life is St. Gregory the Great, who wrote that an angel appeared to summon Anastasius and all of the abbot's monks. Anastasius and all of his monks all subsequently died one after the other within the next eight days.[1]

Saint Anastasius of Suppentonia
Died570 AD
Castel Sant'Elia
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Feast11 January
PatronageCastel Sant'Elia

St. Nonnosus was one of Anastasius’ monks.[2]


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