Amalberga of Temse

Amalberga of Temse (c. 741 – 10 July 772) was a Lotharingian noblewoman from the Frankish royal house of the Pippinids who is celebrated as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church. She is especially venerated in Temse, Ghent, Munsterbilzen and other parts of Flanders. She received the veil from Saint Willibrord of Echternach.[1]

Saint Amalberga of Temse
Wapenschild Zandhoven met Sint Amelberga.jpg
Saint Amalberga and the Sturgeon support the arms of Zandhoven
Died772 AD
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Major shrineGhent
FeastJuly 10
Attributesa sturgeon depicts how she escaped harm on the back of a sturgeon


Many miracles, such as crossing the river Scheldt on a giant fish are attributed to her. In heraldry and art this is a sturgeon. Her relics are kept inside the church of Temse.

Her vita is connected to Charlemagne, whom her biographer (Goscelin of St. Bertin) said wanted to marry her,[2] although other sources claim that the Charles in question was Charles Martel.[3] When she refused in order to continue her vocation as a virgin, he tried to move her by force; he broke her arm, but was unable to carry her off. He fell ill because of his actions, but she forgave him and prayed to God to heal him.[4]

Feast July 10 or October 27.

The virgin Amalberga of Temse should not be confused with Amalberga of Maubeuge.


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