All Under One Banner Cymru

All Under One Banner Cymru (AUOB Cymru; Welsh: Pawb Dan Un Faner Cymru)[1] is a Welsh grassroots[citation needed] movement which organises Welsh independence marches.[2]

First AUOB Cymru procession in Cardiff, 2019.



The organisation was set up as a similar organisation and inspired by All Under One Banner in Scotland.[2]


Their first ever march was held in Cardiff on 11 May 2019, with one marcher estimating over 2,000 participants.[3][4] Attendance grew in later marches in the same year with Caernarfon drawing over 5,000 people according to police, and over 8,000 people according to organisers.[5] Organisers estimated over 5,000 people attended a march in Merthyr Tydfil in September.[6]

Subsequent marches scheduled for 2020 had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[7]

AUOB announced they would be organising two independence marches in 2022.[8] The first was held in Wrexham on 2 July drawing around 8,000 attendees according to organiser estimates.[9] Organisers estimated a march in Cardiff on 1 October drew the largest crowd with around 10,000 people.[10] A march in Swansea on 20 May 2023 was led by AUOB and Yes Cymru, attracting almost 7,000 people.[11]

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