Alfred Næss

Karl Alfred Ingvald Næss (26 April 1877 – 6 July 1955) was a Norwegian speed skater.[1] He set the men's world record for 500 meter speed skating on 5 February 1893 at 49.4 seconds in Hamar, Norway. He then broke his own world record 21 days later on 26 February 1893 at 48.0 seconds, then lowered it to 47.0 seconds on 24 February 1894 at Hamar.[2][3] He was the youngest European champion of all time, in 1895 he was 17 years and 276 days when he won the European Speed Skating Championships for Men.[4]

Karl Alfred Ingvald Næss
Alfred Ingvald Naess circa 1900 wearing his skating medals.jpg
Næss circa 1895–1900
Born(1877-04-26)26 April 1877
Died6 July 1955(1955-07-06) (aged 78)
Other namesKarl Alfred Ingvald Naess
Alfred Naess
Known for500 meter speed skating record
Spouse(s)Agnes Mjolstad
Marie (1879–1956)
Parent(s)Anne Jette Jensen (1847–?)
Christian Andersen Næss (1848–?)
RelativesCarl Frederick Tandberg, nephew

Mr. Naess is beyond all question the finest fancy skater ever seen in this part of the country.

— St. John Daily Sun on 10 March 1897


He was born on 26 April 1877 to Anne Jette Jensen (1847–?) of Kragerø or Skåtøy; and Kristian Andersen Næss (1848–?) of Grue, Norway. He was baptized as "Karl Alfred Ingvald Næss" on 27 May 1877 in the Garnison Menighet, in Oslo, Norway, but he always used the name "Alfred Næss". His father, Christian, was an army sergeant. Alfred had two siblings: Carl Albert Næss (1874–?); and Alvilde Marie Magdalene Næss (1875–1933) who married Thorvald Martin Tandberg (1874–1970).[5][6][7] Næss grew up in Vika.[8] On 6 February 1897 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, he competed against Canadian Jack McCulloch in the 1,500-meter race, McCulloch and Næss tied, invoking a run-off. McCulloch won the run-off by two-fifths of a second.[9] Also on 6 February 1897 Næss equaled the world record of 46.8 seconds set by Wilhelm Mauseth on 3 February 1895 in Trondheim, Norway, but on 7 February 1897 the record was broken by Peder Østlund with a time of 46.6.[10] After Montreal he visited his sister in Portland, Maine, and gave a demonstration on 17 February 1897.[11]

Næss won the Norwegian Allround Championships in Oslo in 1898, with gold medals in the 500 meter and the 1,500 meter, and a silver medal in the 5,000 meter. He set world records on three occasions in the 500 meter at Akersvika on Lake Mjøsa in Hamar, Norway. His best time was 47.0 in the European championships in 1894. Næss was in three European championships and three world championships, and he won the 500 meter race in two European championships and two world championships.[12]

He went on the vaudeville circuit doing ice skate tricks on ice he would create in the theaters.[13][14] In 1913 Næss returned to the United States. He married Agnes Mjolstad on 18 September 1919 in Manhattan, New York City and in 1920 he was living in a rented room in Manhattan.[5][15]

He died on 6 July 1955 in Austria and was buried in Austria.


Personal bestsEdit

Distance Time Date Location Tournament
500 meters 46.8 seconds 6 February 1897   Montreal World Allround Championships
1,500 meters 2 minutes, 35.0 seconds
5,000 meters 9 minutes, 29.8 seconds
10,000 meters 19 minutes, 17.0 seconds

Tournament resultsEdit

Between 1894 and 1900 he competed in seven tournaments:[3]

Tournament Year Date Location 500 meter 1,500 meter 5,000 meter 10,000 meter Highest References
World Allround Championships 1894 10–11 February 1894   Stockholm 50.4 s (1/q), 51.4 s (3) 2 m 55.4 s (6/q)
European Allround Championships 1894 24–25 February 1894   Hamar 48.2 s (2/so), 47.0 s (1), 48.6 s (2/q) 2 m 36.6 s (5/q)
European Allround Championships 1895 26–27 January 1895   Budapest 47.6 s (1), 47.8 s (1/q) 3 m 15.2 s (1), 2 m 49.8 s (2/q) 9 m 38.4 s (1) Gold
World Allround Championships 1897 5–6 February 1897   Montreal 46.8 s (1) 2 m 42.4 s (1), 2 m 41.2 s (2/so) 9 m 01.5 s (7) [9][10][16][17][18]
European Allround Championships 1898 19–20 February 1898   Helsinki 49.4 s (2) 2 m 39.0 s (2) 9 m 41.8 s (4)
Norwegian Allround Championships 1898 25–26 February 1898  Oslo 47.4 s (1) 2 m 42.2 s (1) 9 m 55.0 s (2) Gold
World Allround Championships 1900 24–25 February 1900   Oslo 47.2 s (2) 2 m 42.0 s (2) 9 m 59.2 s (7) 20 m 49.2 s (4) Second

Personal 500 meters progressionEdit

Between 1893 and 1894 he lowered his record in the 500 meter skate from 50.0 seconds to 46.8 seconds, setting three world records:[3][19][20]

Date Event Seconds Location Comments
29 January 1893 500 meters 50.0 Trondheim
5 February 1893 500 meters 49.4 Hamar World record
19 February 1893 500 meters 48.0 Oslo
26 February 1893 500 meters 48.0 Hamar World record [2]
24 February 1894 500 meters 47.0 Hamar World record [21]
16 January 1895 500 meters 47.0 Davos
12 January 1896 500 meters 46.8 Hamar Personal best
5 February 1897 500 meters 46.8 Montreal Personal best

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