Albania–Egypt relations

Albania–Egypt relations refer to current and historical relations between Albania and Egypt. Albania has an embassy in Cairo, and Egypt has an embassy in Tirana.[3][4] The history of political and military relations of Albanians and Egypt dates back to the Roman Times in ancient history. Relations became closer in Ottoman times when the Ottoman Empire took over Egypt in the early 16th century. Ottoman Albanians gave their contribution to the Ottoman conquest of Egypt and many governors of this Ottoman province were Albanian.

Albania–Egypt relations
Map indicating locations of Albania and Egypt


Diplomatic mission
Embassy of Albania, CairoEmbassy of Egypt, Tirana
Eduard Sulo[1]Ahmed Hassan Abdellah [2]

Relations between Albania and Egypt intensified in early modern times, when Muhammad Ali of Egypt (Albanian: Mehmet Ali Pasha) became governor, and self-declared viceroy of Egypt and Sudan with the Ottomans temporary approval.

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