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Al-Shabab Football Club (Arabic: نادي الشباب‎) is a Saudi Arabian professional football club based in Riyadh. It was founded in 1947, and was named at first Shabab Al Riyadh, but later in 1967 was named Al Shabab. Al Shabab club has produced prominent players such as Saeed Al-Owairan who scored the crucial goal for Saudi Arabia against Belgium in the 1994 World Cup. Also Fuad Amin, who scored Saudi Arabia's first World Cup goal against Netherlands. Al Shabab is also known for selling many players to other Saudi clubs, as Reda Tukar (Ittihad) and Abdulaziz AlKhatran (Al-Hilal).

Al Shabab FC (Riyadh) logo.png
Full nameAl Shabab Football Club
Nickname(s)Al Leith (White Lion)
Founded1947; 72 years ago (1947)
GroundKing Fahd Stadium
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
ChairmanKhalid Al Baltan
ManagerArgentina Jorge Almirón
LeaguePro League
2018–19Pro League, 5th of 16
WebsiteClub website



Al Shabab was the first football club in Riyadh. The club began in 1947, with many conflicts before with its numerous members, but it was settled in 1947 and Abdulrahman Bin Saeed was the president. Five years later, Al Shabab won its first tournament beating Sakit Al Hadeed (Railway Club) in Riyadh. Three years later, in 1955 Al Shabab beat the Military College to win the King Saud Cup. Two years passed, and a new conflict arose in 1957. The player, Saleh Jaber, was assigned captain, but then was fired, and the new captain was Ahmed Lmfoon. This did not please some members of the club. Soon the conflict was impossible to solve, and Abdulrahman Bin Saeed and some members, left Al Shabab and created a new football club, which is the club known today as Al-Hilal. The club stopped for half a year due to financial weakness after the departure of its founder Abdulrahman Bin Saeed. Then in the beginning of 1959 another problem began, Abdullah Bin Ahmed, the president then, was all alone taking care of the club. He couldn't take the pressure of handling the club alone, and decided to take a vacation abroad. Before traveling, he disbanded the first team, and most of the players signed for other clubs mainly Al-Ahli and Al-Hilal. What was left was the youth team, and the player Abdulrahman Bin Ahmed decided to take care of the youth team. Soon Abdullah Bin Ahmed returned, and many members returned and supported the club. Then Abdullah Bin Ahmed announced the return of forming the first team, and some players returned, but some stayed at Al-Ahli and Al-Hilal. Also in 1959 was the formation of the Saudi Football Federation, and all football clubs were announced official. In 1960 in the first official tournament called King Saud Cup for the Central Province, Al Shabab faced Al Hilal in their first official games between the two, and won 3–0 to win their first cup.

In the 1960s, everyone wanted to play and be part of the club, and after the request of Al Najmah FC and Al Marekh in 1967, they were united as one club and changed their name from Shabab Riyadh, to simply Al Shabab. The colors of the team were at first white and green, then they were changed after the unification to orange and blue, but in 1977 it was changed to white, gray, and black, the current colors. In 1975 Al Shabab was delegated to the 1st Division. But the next season it was able to win 1st place, and was relegated back to the Premier League in 1976. In 1993, Al Shabab became the first club in Saudi Arabia to win 3 premier leagues in a row. In 2007, Al Shabab became the first club in Saudi Arabia to build projects to increase the club's revenue, and began a 200 million dollar project which contains a 5 star hotel, and a shopping mall. During a visit to the club in January 2008, Al Shabab's main supporter, Khalid bin Sultan, announced the launch of two new projects, Al Laith TV Channel, and Al Shabab Museum.


Performance in AFC competitionsEdit


  • First Saudi club to win three Saudi Premier League in a row (1991, 1992, and 1993).[2]
  • First Saudi club to win the professional and new Saudi Premier League, in 1991.
  • Only club in the world to play two games in one day, in 1999 in the afternoon in the Arab Elite Cup final, and at night in the Crown Prince Cup final against Al-Hilal. This was due to bad planning by the Saudi FA, in which Al Shabab decided to use two teams, one in Syria to play the Arabic final, and another composed of the starting players in Riyadh to play the Crown Prince Cup final against Al-Hilal, in which they lost the Arabic final, but won the Crown Prince Cup.
  • Largest margin win was against Al Shoalah during a friendly tournament in 2007, 8–0. Largest margin win in an official game was against Al-Ta'ee in the Saudi Premier League in 2003, 7–0. Largest margin win against a high-ranked club was 6–1 against Al-Nasr in the Saudi Premier League 2004.

Current squadEdit

As of Saudi Professional League:[3][4]

No Position Player Nation
1 Goalkeeper Farouk Ben Mustapha   Tunisia
2 Defender Mohammed Al-Baqaawi   Saudi Arabia
3 Defender Fahad Ghazi   Saudi Arabia
4 Defender Hassan Tombakti   Saudi Arabia
5 Defender Djamel Benlamri   Algeria
6 Midfielder Abdulmalek Al-Khaibri   Saudi Arabia
7 Midfielder Turki Al-Ammar   Saudi Arabia
8 Midfielder Abdulmajeed Al-Sulayhem   Saudi Arabia
9 Forward Abdullah Al-Hamdan   Saudi Arabia
10 Forward Cristian Guanca   Argentina
11 Midfielder Abdulmalek Al-Shammeri   Saudi Arabia
12 Defender Mohammed Salem   Saudi Arabia
13 Defender Hassan Muath   Saudi Arabia
15 Midfielder Constantin Budescu   Romania
16 Midfielder Mohammed Attiyah   Saudi Arabia
17 Defender Abdullah Al-Shamekh   Saudi Arabia
18 Midfielder Waleed Al-Enezi   Saudi Arabia
20 Defender Ahmed Sharahili   Saudi Arabia
21 Midfielder Nasser Al-Omran   Saudi Arabia
22 Goalkeeper Mohammed Awaji   Saudi Arabia
23 Goalkeeper Marwan Al-Haidari   Saudi Arabia
25 Defender Valerică Găman   Romania
27 Midfielder Rakan Al-Shamlan (on loan from Al-Nassr)   Saudi Arabia
29 Forward Bubacarr Trawally   Gambia
30 Goalkeeper Abdullah Al-Owaishir (on loan from Al-Nassr)   Saudi Arabia
33 Midfielder Somália   Brazil
34 Midfielder Mbark Boussoufa   Morocco
50 Goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Dossari   Saudi Arabia
70 Midfielder Danilo Asprilla   Colombia
92 Forward Sebá   Brazil
99 Forward Hassan Al-Raheb   Saudi Arabia

Other players under contractEdit

No Position Player Nation
24 Defender Faisal Hadadi   Saudi Arabia
31 Defender Moayad Muaafa   Saudi Arabia
56 Midfielder Hassan Al-Qeed   Saudi Arabia
97 Goalkeeper Fahad Al-Habib   Saudi Arabia

Out on loanEdit

No Position Player Nation
19 Midfielder Nawaf Al-Habashi (on loan to Al-Qadsiah)   Saudi Arabia
35 Defender Hassan Raghfawi (on loan to Damac)   Saudi Arabia
Forward Arthur Caíke (on loan to Bahia)   Brazil

Scholarships abroadEdit

No Position Player Nation
Defender Ali Majrashi   Saudi Arabia
Midfielder Abdulaziz Al-Shahrani   Saudi Arabia
Midfielder Abdulelah Al-Shammeri   Saudi Arabia


Current board of directors and AdministratorsEdit

Office Name
President Khalid AlBaltan
Vice-president Kholaif AlHweshan
Member of the Board, Investment Officer
Member of the Board, Secretary-General
Member of the Board, Director of the Media Center Ahmad AlMasoud
CEO Pat Janssen[5]

Current technical staffEdit

Position Name
Manager   Jorge Almirón
Assistant Manager
Fitness coach
Goalkeeping coach
Video analist
U 23 team coach   Kevin Sheedy
U 20 team coach  Mladen Posavec
U 17 team coach   Omar Islam

Recent seasonsEdit

The table below chronicles the achievements of Al Shabab in various competitions since 2000.

Year Division Position Crown Prince Cup King Cup ACL
2000–01 Premier League 7th Semi-final Not held  –
2001–02 Premier League 9th Quarter-final  –
2002–03 Premier League 6th Quarter-final  –
2003–04 Premier League 1st Quarter-final  –
2004–05 Premier League 2nd Quarter-final Group stage
2005–06 Premier League 1st Semi-final Quarter-finals
2006–07 Premier League 4th Quarter-final Group stage
2007–08 Premier League 3rd Semi-final Champion  –
2008–09 Pro League 4th Runners-up Champion Round of 16
2009–10 Pro League 4th Semi-final Semi-final Semi-final
2010–11 Pro League 4th Round of 16 Quarter-final Round of 16
2011–12 Pro League 1st Quarter-final Quarter-final  –
2012–13 Pro League 3rd Round of 16 Runners-up Quarter-finals
2013–14 Pro League 4th Semi-final Champion Round of 16
2014–15 Pro League 5th Round of 16 Quarter-final Group stage


AFC Club rankingEdit

Rankings are calculated by the AFC[8]

Rank Club Points
8   Esteghlal 38.768
9   Al-Ain 67.608
10   Al Shabab 30.537
11   Al-Ittihad 90.000
12   Bunyodkor 20.990


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