Agusan (province)

Agusan was a province of the Philippines. It was created on August 20, 1907, by Provincial Government Act No. 1693, and dissolved on November 14, 1967, by Republic Act No. 4979.[1]

Province of the Philippines
Province of Agusan in the Philippines.svg
Location of the historical province of Agusan.
• Established
August 20 1907
• Bukidnon sub-province separated from Agusan
September 1 1914
• Disestablished
November 14 1967
Political subdivisions
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Agusan del Norte
Agusan del Sur
Today part of · Agusan del Norte
 · Agusan del Sur
 · Bukidnon


Agusan in 1907

Prior to its creation as an independent province, Agusan was divided between the provinces/districts of Misamis, and Surigao during the Spanish colonial period. In 1907, Agusan was separated from Misamis, and Surigao creating the Agusan province through the sub-provinces of Bukidnon, and Butuan.[2]

The sub-province of Bukidnon became an independent province in 1914 through Act No. 2408 and Butuan sub-province assumed the name of Agusan. Both Agusan and Bukidnon were put under the Department of Mindanao and Sulu from 1914-1920.

In 1967, Agusan was dissolved into Agusan del Norte, and Agusan del Sur.

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