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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) movement

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The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) movement is a set of grassroots initiatives developing interventions and "tests of change" to reduce the incidence and societal effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences and to promote healing from these experiences.

The ACEs movement arose out of the need for a bidirectional effort to create a public health change, with both individuals and institutions/ government systems. The individual is essential, because change is on the individual level is self-directed. The institutions and government systems engagement is essential, because without the structure surrounding individuals changing, the very systems that are intended to help, can perpetuate the cycle of trauma.

Sandra Bloom's book Destroying Sanctuary states in its introduction that 17th century philosophers like Descartes took apart the person and "turned over the body to physicians and the mind to philosophers and clergy," and in the ACEs movement society is now trying to bring them back together.[1]

ACE Nashville uses the acronym to stand for All Children Excel and is trying to raise awareness about adverse childhood experiences in Nashville, Tennessee.[2]


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