Adler Arena Skating Center

The Adler Arena Trade And Exhibition Center (Адлер-Арена) is an 8,000-seat speed skating oval in the Olympic Park, Sochi, Russia. It opened in 2012 and looks like an iceberg or ice fault.[citation needed] The center hosted the speed skating events at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Original plans for after the Olympics were for the Adler Arena to be turned into an exhibition center.[1][2][3][4]

Adler Arena Skating Center
Sochi adler aerial view 2018 22.jpg
The Adler Arena outside. Next to it is the Sochi Autodrom.
LocationSochi, Russia
Coordinates43°24′31″N 39°57′10″E / 43.4086167°N 39.9528111°E / 43.4086167; 39.9528111Coordinates: 43°24′31″N 39°57′10″E / 43.4086167°N 39.9528111°E / 43.4086167; 39.9528111
Capacity8,000 Olympic Mode[1]
Construction cost$32,8 million
2013 Russian Speed Skating Championships
2013 World Single Distance Speed Skating Championships
2014 Winter Olympics (speed skating)[1]

It cost $32.8 million to build the venue, including the temporary works for the Olympics. Before the Olympics it hosted the 2013 Russian Speed Skating Championships in December 2012 and the 2013 World Single Distance Speed Skating Championships from 21 to 24 March 2013.[5]


A crystal face theme is supported by angular walls and triangular stained-glass windows. The gray and white color of the building enhances this impression. The walls along the sides of the skating rink are made transparent so that spectators can look outside. The skating center is designed to make the utmost use of local natural features.[4]

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The skating centre hosted the 2014 World Robot Olympiad.[citation needed] Russia hosted their 2015 Fed Cup World Group semifinals tie at the Adler Arena.[citation needed]

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