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Abu Qubays (mountain)

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Abu Qubays is a sacred mountain which resides on the eastern frontier of the sacred city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Abu Qubays
Mount Abu Kubais, Ajyad, Mecca 24231, Saudi Arabia - panoramio.jpg
Highest point
Elevation420 metres (1,380 ft)
Coordinates21°25′22″N 39°49′44″E / 21.42278°N 39.82889°E / 21.42278; 39.82889Coordinates: 21°25′22″N 39°49′44″E / 21.42278°N 39.82889°E / 21.42278; 39.82889
Abu Qubays is located in Saudi Arabia
Abu Qubays
Abu Qubays
Location of Abu Qubays in Saudi Arabia
LocationMakkah Province, Saudi Arabia

Although no one really knows the exact origin of this name, it is believed to be called al-Amin in pagan times because an alleged "black stone" resided there according to a fable. According to another legend, this mountain was also called the Treasure Cave (Magharat al-kans) and this was believed to be the very first place where the first of men stayed and were buried after their death. According to tradition, this is the place where this Islamic prophet, Muhammad, showed the miracle of breaking the moon into two pieces and then re-attaching those pieces on demand of disbelievers (kuffar) of the Makkah.[1]


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