A la valenciana (English: "Valencian style"), officially named as Compromís–Podemos–EUPV: A la valenciana, was an electoral coalition formed by Coalició Compromís, Podemos and United Left of the Valencian Country in May 2016 to contest the 2016 Spanish general election in the autonomous community of Valencia.[1] The alliance was the successor of the És el moment coalition that contested the 2015 Spanish general election.

A la valenciana
FoundedMay 13, 2016 (2016-05-13)
Merger ofCompromís
Preceded byÉs el moment
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationUnidos Podemos
Congress of Deputies
9 / 33
Spanish Senate
3 / 12

The alliance name refers to the proposed coalition government offered by Podemos and Compromís to the PSOE in the Congress of Deputies. Such an offer was based on the agreement reached in the Valencian Community between the Socialist Party of the Valencian Country and Compromís, that made their leaders Ximo Puig and Mònica Oltra the regional premier and vice premier, respectively.[2]


We Can (Podemos/Podem)
Commitment Coalition (Compromís)
Valencian Nationalist Bloc (Bloc)
Valencian People's Initiative (IdPV)
Greens Equo of the Valencian Country (VerdsEquo)
People of Compromís (Gent)
United Left of the Valencian Country (EUPV)

Electoral performanceEdit

Cortes Generales
Election Valencian Community
Congress Senate
Vote % Score Seats +/– Seats +/–
2016 659,771 25.44 2nd
9 / 33
3 / 12

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