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The ABCS Tournament is an annual football tournament between the representative teams of Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao and Suriname.

ABCS Tournament
ABCS Tournament logo.jpg
RegionCaribbean (CFU)
Number of teams4
Current champions Suriname
(3rd title)
Most successful team(s) Suriname
(3 titles)
2015 ABCS Tournament

Louis Giskus, the President of the Suriname Football Federation said that the competition was formed "to strengthen the relationship between the Dutch speaking countries in the Caribbean".[1]

If the scores are level after 90 minutes plus injury time, the game proceeds straight to penalty kicks. No extra time is allocated.


Year Host Winner Runner-up Third-place Fourth-place
2010   Curacao   Suriname   Curaçao   Aruba   Bonaire
2011   Suriname   Bonaire   Aruba   Suriname   Curaçao
2012   Aruba   Aruba   Suriname   Curaçao   Bonaire
2013   Curacao   Suriname   Curaçao   Bonaire   Aruba
2014   Suriname
2015   Suriname   Suriname   Aruba   Curaçao   Bonaire
2018   Aruba

ABCS Tournament 2010Edit

Also known as the Pais Positivo Cup 2010.

First roundEdit

Curaçao  3–0  Aruba
Espacia    ' (1–0)
Trenidad    ' (2–0)
Steba    ' (3–0)
Suriname  4–2  Bonaire
Kwasie   13' (1–0)63' (3–0)
Rijssel   39' (2–0)
Rigters   13' (4–2)
   ' (3–1) Martha
   ' (3–2, pen.) I. Piar

Third place playoffEdit

Aruba  3 – 3
Escalona    ' (2x, 1x pen.)
  I. Piar
  A. Piar

1 Players of Bonaire walked off the pitch after a disagreement over a penalty kick being given against them.


Curaçao  2–2  Suriname
Espacia    ' (1–2)
Lake    ' (2–2)
  20' (1–0, Template:Afkorting) onb.
  36' (2–0, pen.) Emanuelson

ABCS Tournament 2011Edit

First roundEdit

Curaçao  1–3  Bonaire
Bito   10' report   25' Kunst
  72' A. Piar
  87' Calvenhoven

Third place playoffEdit

Suriname  2–0  Curaçao
Banetti   46'
Limon   76'


ABCS Tournament 2012Edit

The 2012 edition of the tournament is to be hosted in Aruba between 13 and 15 July.

First roundEdit

Local time
Aruba  3–2  Curaçao
Gilkes   2'
Raven   44'
Barradas   76'
Martina   70'
Colina   72'
Local time
Suriname  8–0  Bonaire
Limon   28'
Jomena   30'
Wall   37'
Sordam   52'
Aloema   61' (pen.)
Jomena   63'
Djemesi   74'
Drenthe   88'

Third place playoffEdit

Local Time
Bonaire  2–9  Curaçao


Local Time
Aruba  1–0  Suriname
Gilkes   35'

ABCS Tournament 2013Edit

The 2013 edition of the tournament was hosted in Curaçao between 14 and 16 November.

First roundEdit

Local time
Bonaire  0–2  Suriname
report Talea   20'
Apai   61'
Referee: Javier Jauregui (Curaçao  )
Local time
Curaçao  2–0  Aruba
Isenia   14'31'
Referee: Johannes Dolaini (Suriname)

Third place playoffEdit

Local Time
Bonaire  2–1  Aruba
I. Piar   74'
Barzey   76'
report Escalona   43'
Referee: Edsel Dimie (Curaçao)


Local Time
Curaçao  1–3  Suriname
Report Pinas   3'
Najoe   67'88'
Referee: Javier Jauregui (Curaçao  )

ABCS Tournament 2014Edit

It was initially announced that the 2014 edition of the tournament would be hosted by Suriname from November 7–9. All matches were to be played at André Kamperveen Stadion. Following a strong performance by Curacao during 2014 Caribbean Cup qualification, the tournament was moved to 28–30 November since Curacao would be participating in the finals of the 2014 Caribbean Cup.[2][3] It was later announced that the tournament had been postponed until 2015 because Curacao had just finished a long Caribbean Cup process.[4]

ABCS Tournament 2015Edit

The 2015 edition of the tournament was hosted in Suriname between 30 January and 1 February.[4]

First roundEdit

Curaçao  0–0  Aruba
Referee: Johannes Dolaini (Suriname)
Suriname  3–0  Bonaire
Referee: Juniel Adelina (Curaçao)

Third place playoffEdit

Curaçao  4–1  Bonaire
Report Barzey   85'
Referee: Ricky de Leca (Aruba)


Suriname  1–0  Aruba
Cronie   5' Report
Referee: Juniel Adelina (Curaçao)

2018 ABCS CupEdit

The 2018 edition of the tournament was scheduled to be played 11–13 May 2018 at the Trinidad Stadium in Oranjestad, Aruba[5] but was cancelled after Curaçao withdrew and qualification for the 2019–20 CONCACAF Nations League was announced.[6]


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