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The A26 is a 357.6 km (222.2 mi) long French motorway connecting Calais and Troyes. It is also known as the Autoroute des Anglais as it is the main route from the Dover-Calais ferries and the Channel Tunnel to most parts of France and often contains large numbers of British cars, particularly during the summer holiday season. The A26 between Calais and Arras is on one of the two main routes between London and Paris, the other being the A16.

A26 autoroute shield

A26 autoroute
Autoroute des Anglais
Route information
Part of
Maintained by SANEF
Length 394 km (245 mi)
Major junctions
North end Calais
South end Troyes
Highway system
Autoroutes of France

The road forms part of European route E-15 and E-17.



The motorway starts at Calais, at a junction with the A16 and N216 (which links to the Car Ferries). From there it runs southeast past Saint-Omer, Béthune, Lens and Arras. Near Arras is a major intersection with the A1, which runs south to Paris.

The A26 continues southeast, passing near Cambrai, Saint-Quentin and Laon before meeting the A4 at Reims. The two motorways merge (overlap) for 36 km (22 mi) before splitting up near Châlons en Champagne (formerly Châlons-sur-Marne), with the A26 heading south. The terminus is at Troyes, where the A26 meets the A5, which provides connections to southern and eastern France.

Radio coverageEdit

A26 is completely covered by Sanef 107.7, but slightly different: before Reims, it is on northern zone, after Reims, it is on eastern zone.


  •   1 Junction with A16 (Paris to Dunkerque, A216 spur to RN216 and the Calais Ferry Port, and the A26.
    •   Rest Area: Nortkerque (Northbound), Zutkerque (Southbound)
  •   2 Nordausques: Ardres
  •   3 Saint-Omer Centre – Boulogne: Saint Omer and Boulogne-sur-Mer
    •   Péage Saint-Omer
  •   4 Saint-Omer Centre, Thérouanne: Saint-Omer
    •   Rest Area: Grand Riez / Villefleur
    •  Service Area: Rely / St-Hilaire-Cottes
  •   5 Lillers: Lillers and Saint Pol-sur-Ternoise
    •   Rest Area: Le Réveillon / La Grande Bucaille
  •   6 Béthune: Béthune
  •   6.1 'Aix-Noulette' A21 to A26: Lens
    •  Service Area;: Souchez / Angres
  •   7 Arras nord: Arras and Vimy
    •   Rest Area: Les Trois Crêtes / La Cressonière
  •   A1 (Lille to Paris with A26
    •   Rest Area: Bonnettes (southbound) Bois-Dhuez (Northbound)
    •  Service Area: Rumaucourt (Southbound) Baralle (Northbound)
  •   8 Marquion: Cambrai
  •   A2 (Paris to Brussels) with A26
    •   Rest Area: Plateau (Southbound) Vacquerie (Northbound)
  •   9 Masnières: Fins, Bantouzelle
    •   Rest Area: La Haute Bruyère L'Omignon
  •   10 Saint Quentin Ouest: Saint Quentin
  •   A29 (Rouen) with A26
  •   11 Saint Quentin Sud: Saint Quentin, Tergnier and Chauny
    •  Service Area: Urvillers
  •   12 Courbes: La Fere
    •   Rest Area: St Brice / Broyon
  •   13 Laon: Laon
    •   Rest Area: la Croisette (Southbound) Les Pélerins (Northbound)
    •  Service Area: Mont-de-Nizy / Champ-Roland
  •   14 Berry-au-Bac: Neufchâtel-sur-Aisne and Soissons
    •   Rest area: Cauroy / Loivre
    •   Péage Courcy
  •   15 Reims - La Neuvillette: Reims, Reims-Champagne Airport
  •  16 Reims - Colbert: Reims
  •   A4 (Paris to Strasbourg) with A26
  •   A4 (Paris to Strasbourg) with A26
    •   Rest Area:Les Grands Traquiers (Southbound)
  •   17 St-Gibrien: Châlons-en-Champagne
    •   Rest Area: La Garenne (Northbound)
  •   18 Mont Choisy: Châlons-en-Champagne and Fère-Champenoise
    •   Rest Area: La Bardolle (Northbound)
  •  19 Europort Vatry: Europort Business park
  •   20 Sommesous: Fère-Champenoise and Vitry-le-François (RN4)
    •   Service Area: Sommesous
    •   Rest Area: Le Champ du Carreau / Champ-L'Épée
  •   21 Arcis-sur-Aube: Arcis-sur-Aube and Brienne-le-Château
    •  Service Area: St Arcis-sur-Aube
  •  22 Charmont: Troyes
    •   Rest Area: Villechétif / Les Crocs de la Terre
  •   23 Thennelières: Troyes, Vendeuvre-sur-Barse and Parc Naturel Regional De La Forêt D'Orient
  •   A5 (Paris to Dijon) with A26


The A26 will be extended to Auxerre after 2025.[1] and perhaps to Bourges thereafter but that is not programmed before 2030.[2] It would, if completed, replace N77 and N151 as part of the second version of the Grand contournement de Paris.


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