66th New York State Legislature

The 66th New York State Legislature, consisting of the New York State Senate and the New York State Assembly, met from January 3 to April 18, 1843, during the first year of William C. Bouck's governorship, in Albany.

66th New York State Legislature
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Old State Capitol at Albany NY.jpg
The Old State Capitol (1879)
Legislative bodyNew York State Legislature
JurisdictionNew York, United States
TermJanuary 1 – December 31, 1843
PresidentLt. Gov. Daniel S. Dickinson (D)
Party controlDemocratic (22-10)
SpeakerGeorge R. Davis (D)
Party controlDemocratic (92-36)
1stJanuary 3 – April 18, 1843


Under the provisions of the New York Constitution of 1821, 32 Senators were elected on general tickets in eight senatorial districts for four-year terms. They were divided into four classes, and every year eight Senate seats came up for election. Assemblymen were elected countywide on general tickets to a one-year term, the whole Assembly being renewed annually.

On April 5, 1842, the Legislature enacted that future state elections be held on a single day, fixing the date on the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November.

State Senator John W. Taylor resigned on August 19, 1842, leaving a vacancy in the Fourth District.

At this time there were two major political parties: the Democratic Party and the Whig Party. The radical abolitionists appeared as the Liberty Party.

On September 7, 1842, the Democratic state convention met at Syracuse, and nominated again William C. Bouck for governor, and Daniel S. Dickinson for lieutenant governor.

On the same day, the Whig state convention nominated Lt. Gov. Luther Bradish for governor, and State Senator Gabriel Furman for lieutenant governor.

The Liberty Party nominated Alvan Stewart for governor, and Charles O. Shepard for lieutenant governor.


The state election was held on November 8, 1842. William C. Bouck and Daniel S. Dickinson were elected governor and lieutenant governor.

Abraham A. Deyo (2nd D.), John C. Wright (3rd D.), Sidney Lawrence, Thomas B. Mitchell (both 4th D.), Calvin T. Chamberlain (6th D.), John Porter (7th D.), Harvey Putnam (8th D.), and assemblymen John A. Lott (1st D.) and Carlos P. Scovil (5th D.) were elected to the Senate. Putnam was a Whig, the other eight were Democrats.


The Legislature met for the regular session at the Old State Capitol in Albany on January 3, 1843; and adjourned on April 18.

George R. Davis (D) was elected Speaker with 89 votes against 32 for Willis Hall (W). Henry N. Wales (D) was elected Clerk of the Assembly with 91 votes against 35 for Philander B. Prindle (W).[1]

On January 21, the Legislature elected Edwin Croswell (D) to succeed Thurlow Weed as State Printer.

On February 6, the Legislature re-elected State Treasurer Thomas Farrington (D).

On February 7, the Legislature re-elected U.S. Senator Silas Wright, Jr. to a six-year term beginning on March 4, 1843.

State SenateEdit


Note: There are now 62 counties in the State of New York. The counties which are not mentioned in this list had not yet been established, or sufficiently organized, the area being included in one or more of the abovementioned counties.


The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued in office as members of this Legislature. John A. Lott and Carlos P. Scovil changed from the Assembly to the Senate.

District Senators Term left Party Notes
First Morris Franklin* 1 year Whig
John B. Scott* 2 years Democrat
Isaac L. Varian* 3 years Democrat
John A. Lott* 4 years Democrat
Second John Hunter* 1 year Democrat
Robert Denniston* 2 years Democrat
Abraham Bockee* 3 years Democrat
Abraham A. Deyo 4 years Democrat
Third Erastus Root* 1 year Whig
Henry W. Strong* 2 years Democrat also Recorder of Troy
Erastus Corning* 3 years Democrat
John C. Wright 4 years Democrat until February 9, 1843, also First Judge of the Schoharie County Court
Fourth James G. Hopkins* 1 year Whig
Sidney Lawrence 2 years Democrat elected to fill vacancy, in place of John W. Taylor;
until March 31, 1843, also Surrogate of Franklin Co.
Edmund Varney* 3 years Democrat
Thomas B. Mitchell 4 years Democrat
Fifth Sumner Ely* 1 year Democrat
Henry A. Foster* 2 years Democrat
William Ruger* 3 years Democrat died on May 21, 1843
Carlos P. Scovil* 4 years Democrat
Sixth Andrew B. Dickinson* 1 year Whig
Nehemiah Platt* 2 years Whig
James Faulkner* 3 years Democrat
Calvin T. Chamberlain 4 years Democrat
Seventh Lyman Sherwood* 1 year Democrat
Elijah Rhoades* 2 years Whig
William Bartlit* 3 years Democrat
John Porter 4 years Democrat
Eighth Abram Dixon* 1 year Whig
Samuel Works* 2 years Whig
Gideon Hard* 3 years Whig
Harvey Putnam 4 years Whig until January 14, 1843, also Surrogate of Wyoming Co.


  • Clerk: Isaac R. Elwood
  • Deputy Clerks: Charles Bryan, Robert F. Salvidge
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Charles Niven
  • Doorkeeper: Joel Gillett
  • Assistant Doorkeeper: Martin Miller

State AssemblyEdit


Note: There are now 62 counties in the State of New York. The counties which are not mentioned in this list had not yet been established, or sufficiently organized, the area being included in one or more of the abovementioned counties.


The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued as members of this Legislature.

Party affiliations follow the result given in Niles' Register.[2]

District Assemblymen Party Notes
Albany Willis Hall Whig
Aaron Van Schaack Whig
John I. Slingerland Whig
Allegany Robert Flint Whig
Samuel Russell Whig
Broome Gilbert Dickinson Democrat
Cattaraugus Alonzo Hawley Whig
Elijah A. Rice Whig
Cayuga Vincent Kenyon Democrat
Alfred Lyon Democrat
Darius Monroe Democrat
Chautauqua Odin Benedict Whig
Adolphus S. Morrison Whig
Emory F. Warren* Whig
Chemung Samuel G. Hathaway Jr.* Democrat
Chenango Edward Cornell Democrat
Samuel Medbury Democrat
Danforth Wales Democrat
Clinton Julius C. Hubbell Democrat
Columbia Anson Brown Democrat
Lucas Hoes Democrat
Peter Poucher Democrat
Cortland Harry McGraw Whig
George N. Niles Democrat
Delaware Milton Bostwick Democrat
Nelson K. Wheeler Democrat
Dutchess Gilbert Bentley Democrat
John Elseffer Democrat
John M. Ketcham* Democrat
Erie George R. Babcock Whig
Wells Brooks Whig
Milton McNeal Whig
Essex Samuel Shumway Whig
Franklin Joseph H. Jackson Whig
Fulton and Hamilton John L. Hutchinson Democrat
Genesee Robinson Smiley* Whig
Ira Wait Whig
Greene Aaron Bushnell Democrat
Philip Teats Democrat
Herkimer Walter Booth Democrat
John T. Hall Democrat
Jefferson Elihu C. Church* Democrat
Joseph Graves Democrat
Job Lamson Democrat
Kings William Conselyea Jr. Democrat
William M. Udall* Democrat
Lewis Amos Buck Democrat
Livingston Daniel H. Fitzhugh Whig
Daniel D. Spencer Whig
Madison Venoni W. Mason Democrat
Henry Palmer Democrat
Lorenzo Sherwood Democrat
Monroe Jerome Fuller Whig
Robert Haight Whig
Enoch Strong Whig
Montgomery John Bowdish Democrat
John I. Zoller Democrat
New York Elbridge G. Baldwin* Whig
Charles P. Daly Democrat
George G. Glasier Democrat
Timothy R. Hibbard Democrat
David R. Floyd-Jones* Democrat
William McMurray* Democrat
Absalom E. Miller Democrat
George Paulding Democrat
Daniel C. Pentz* Democrat
Edward Sanford Democrat
Robert Smith Whig
James T. Thomson Democrat
Edward H. White Democrat
Niagara Thomas T. Flagler* Whig
John Sweeney Whig
Oneida Dan P. Cadwell Democrat
Amos S. Fassett Democrat
David Murray Democrat
John H. Tower Democrat
Onondaga Benjamin French Democrat
Thomas McCarthy Democrat
Thomas Sherwood Democrat
Charles R. Vary Democrat
Ontario Sylvester Austin Whig
James C. Brown Whig
Jedediah Dewey Jr. Whig
Orange Leonard Lee Democrat
John W. Martin Democrat
John Van Duzer Democrat
Orleans Elisha Wright Whig
Oswego William F. Allen Democrat
Alban Strong Democrat
Otsego Silas Burleson Democrat
John R. Griggs Democrat
Harvey Hunt Democrat
Putnam Sylvenus Warren Democrat
Queens Samuel Youngs Democrat
Rensselaer George R. Davis* Democrat elected Speaker;
also First Judge of the Rensselaer County Court
Samuel Douglass Democrat
Henry Vandenbergh Democrat
Richmond Henry Cole* Democrat
Rockland Cornelius M. Demarest Democrat
St. Lawrence Calvin T. Hulburd* Democrat
George Redington* Democrat
Saratoga Lyndes Emerson Democrat
Azariah E. Stimson Democrat
Schenectady Edward H. Walton Democrat
Schoharie John Osterhout Democrat
Abraham Richtmeyer Democrat
Seneca Matthew West Democrat
Steuben Morris Brown Democrat
Francis E. Erwin* Democrat
Ziba A. Leland* Democrat
Suffolk Samuel B. Nicoll Democrat
Joshua B. Smith Democrat
Sullivan Jonathan Stratton Democrat
Tioga Simeon R. Griffin Democrat
Tompkins Sylvanus Larned Democrat
George T. Spink Democrat
Ulster William Soper Democrat
Edmund Suydam Democrat
Warren Pelatiah Richards Whig
Washington Anson Bigelow Whig
James W. Porter Whig
Wayne Frederick U. Sheffield Democrat
Philip Sours Democrat
Westchester Andrew Findlay Democrat
Samuel L. Holmes Democrat
Wyoming Eleazer Baldwin* Whig
Truman Benedict Whig
Yates Richard H. Williams Democrat


  • Clerk: Henry N. Wales
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Pliny M. Bromley
  • Doorkeeper: John W. Turner
  • Assistant Doorkeeper: Isaac Satterlee
  • Second Assistant Doorkeeper: Henry Rankin


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  2. ^ see: Niles' National Register (issue of December 3, 1842; pg. 211f)