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The 5th Golden Horse Awards (Mandarin:第5屆金馬獎) took place on October 30, 1967 at Zhongshan Hall in Taipei, Taiwan.[1]

5th Golden Horse Awards
DateOctober 30, 1967
SiteZhongshan Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
Hosted byWei Ching-meng
Organized byTaipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee
Best Feature FilmOrchids and My Love
Best DirectorLee Chia
Orchids and My Love
Best ActorOu Wei
Hometown Plunders
Best ActressChiang Ching
Many Enchanting Nights
Most awardsOrchids and My Love (6)

Winners and nomineesEdit

Winners are listed first, highlighted in boldface.

  • Orchids and My Love
    • The Blue and the Black (runner-up)
    • Till the End of Time (runner-up)
    • Wife of a Romantic Scholar (runner-up)
  • Gao Shan Yang Zhi
    • Guo Jun Yun Dong Hui (runner-up)
    • New Face of Taiwan (runner-up)
  • Chiang Ching — Many Enchanting Nights
Best Child Star
Best Screenplay
  • Chun Yik-foo — Wife of a Romantic Scholar
Best Cinematography - Color
  • Lin Wen-chin — Orchids and My Love
  • Wang Chin-chen — Orchids and My Love
Best Art Direction
  • Weng Wen-wei — Orchids and My Love
Best Music
Best Sound Recording
  • Yin Bian-ping — Wife of a Romantic Scholar
Best Cinematography for Documentary
  • Lee Hsin-yi — Gao Shan Yang Zhi
Best Planning for Documentary
  • Chao Chun — Gao Shan Yang Zhi
Special Award of National Spirit
  • Return My Homeland
Special Award
  • Hometown Plunders


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