Golden Horse Award for Best Documentary

The Golden Horse Award for Best Documentary is given at the Golden Horse Awards.[1]

List of winnersEdit

Year Winner and Nominees Original Title Director Production Country
The Chinese Mayor 大同 Zhou Hao  
32 and 4 32+4 Chan Hau Chun  
On the Rim of the Sky 明天會更好 Xu Hongjie  
The Verse of Us 我的詩篇 Felix Wu and Qin Xiaoyu  
Wansei Back Home 灣生回家 Huang Ming-cheng  
Le Moulin 日曜日式散步者 Huang Ya Li  
Yellowing 亂世備忘 Chan Tze-woon  
Small Talk 日常對話 Huang Hui-chen  
The Road 大路朝天 Zhang Zanbo  
City of Jade 翡翠之城 Midi Z   
Mama 羅長姐 Jin Xingzheng  
Inmates Ma Li  
Plastic China 塑料王國 Wang Jiu-liang  
Condemned 徐自強的練習題 Chi Yueh-chun  
Looking For? 你找什麼? Chou Tung-yen  
Our Youth in Taiwan 我們的青春,在台灣 Fu Yue  
Four Springs 四個春天 Lu Qing-yi  
Late Life: The Chien-Ming Wang Story 後勁:王建民 Frank W Chen  
24th Street 24號大街 Pan Zhi-qi  
Umbrella Diaries: The First Umbrella 傘上:遍地開花 James Leong  
Your Face 你的臉 Tsai Ming-Liang  
The Tree Remembers 還有一些樹 LAU Kek-huat  
The Good Daughter 阿紫 Frank W Chen  
Bamboo Theatre 戲棚 Cheung Cheuk  
L'An dernier quand le train passait 去年火車經過的時候 Huang Pang-Chuan   
Lost Course 迷航 Jill Li  
Taking back the Legislature 佔領立法會 Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers  
Father 爺爺和父親 DENG Wei  
Me and My Condemned Son 我的兒子是死刑犯 Pan Zhi-qi  
Chen Uen 千年一問 WANG Wan-jo  
Revolution of Our Times 時代革命 Kiwi Chow  
A Letter to A'ma 給阿媽的一封信 CHEN Hui-ling  
Solo Dancer 獨舞者的樂章 LEE Li-shao  
RAIN IN 2020 二〇二〇年的一場雨 LEE Yong-chao   
Dark Red Forest 絳紅森林 JIN Huaqing  

Note: There was no Golden Horse Film Awards held in 1964 and 1974.