54th Golden Horse Awards

The 54th Golden Horse Awards (Chinese: 第54屆金馬獎) took place on November 25, 2017 at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan. Organized by the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee, the awards honored the best in Chinese-language films of 2016 and 2017.[2][3] The ceremony was televised by TTV.[4]

54th Golden Horse Awards
2017 TGHFF.jpg
DateNovember 25, 2017
SiteSun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
Hosted byMatilda Tao[1]
Preshow hostsYang Chien-pei
Ethan Liu
Organized byTaipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee
Best Feature FilmThe Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful
Best DirectorVivian Qu
Angels Wear White
Best ActorTu Men
Old Beast
Best ActressKara Hui
The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful
Most awardsThe Great Buddha + (5)
Most nominationsThe Great Buddha + (10)
TV in Taiwan

Winners and nomineesEdit

Winners are listed first, highlighted in boldface.

Best Animation Feature
Best Live Action Short Film
  • Babes’ Not Alone
    • The Night of Arzu
    • Blind Mouth
    • Love After Time
    • The Dress on Her
Best Animated Short Film
  • Losing Sight of a Longed Place
    • Fundamental
    • St(r)ay
    • Revelation – The City of Haze
    • Stories About Him
Best Visual Effects
Best Art Direction
Best Makeup & Costume Design
Best Original Film Score
Best Original Film Song
  • "To Have, or Not To Have" — The Great Buddha +
    • Composer: Lin Sheng-xiang
    • Lyrics: Ong Chiau-hoa
    • Performer: Lin Sheng-xiang
  • "I Love Shangri-La" — Have a Nice Day
    • Composer: Wang Da
    • Lyrics: Liu Jian
    • Performer:Wang Da and Zhu Hong
  • "Lullaby" — Free and Easy
  • "Keep Me By Your Side" — See You Tomorrow
    • Composer: Tang Hanxiao
    • Lyrics: Tang Hanxiao
    • Performer: Eason Chan
  • "Flowers in Blossom" — Love Education
    • Composer: Kay Huang
    • Lyrics: Lam Kwun-fan
    • Performer: Sitar Tan
Best Sound Effects
Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year
  • Hu Ding-yi
Audience Choice Award
Piaget Award
Lifetime Achievement Award


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