55th government of Turkey

The 55th government of Turkey (30 June 1997 – 11 January 1999) was a coalition government led by Mesut Yılmaz of Motherland Party (ANAP). Coalition partners with Motherland Party were Democratic Left Party (DSP) and Democrat Turkey Party (DTP). The government was nicknamed Anasol-D, where "Ana" refers to ANAP, sol (left) refers to DSP, and D refers to DTP.


After the collapse of the 54th government, 55th government was formed by ANAP and DSP, which were the opposition parties during the 54th government. DTP, which was founded by a group of MPs exiting DYP, also joined the coalition. Although they still could not form a majority, Republican People's Party (CHP) promised to support the coalition without participating in the government.

The governmentEdit

In the list below, the serving period of cabinet members who served only a part of the cabinet's lifespan are shown in the column "Notes".

Title[1][2] Name Party Notes
Prime Minister Mesut Yılmaz ANAP
Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit DSP
Deputy Prime Minister and
Ministry of National Defense
İsmet Sezgin DTP
Minister of State
Güneş Taner ANAP 30 June 1997 – 25 November 1998
Hüsamettin Özkan DSP
Yücel Seçkiner ANAP
Işılay Saygın ANAP
Hikmet Sami Türk DSP
Salih Yıldırım ANAP
Rifat Serdaroğlu DTP
Metin Gürdere ANAP
Şükrü Sina Gürel DSP
Ahat Andica ANAP
Işın Çelebi ANAP
Mustafa Yılmaz DSP
Rifaeddin Şahin DTP 30 June 1997 – 21 September 1998
Burhan Kara ANAP
Cavit Kavak ANAP
Eyüp Aşık
Yıldırım Aktuna
ANAP 30 June 1997 – 1 October 1998
5 October 1998 – 11 January 1999
Kazım Rüştü Yücelen ANAP
Hasan Gemici DSP
Mehmet Batalı DTP
Ministry of Justice Oltan Sungurlu
Hasan Denizkırdu
30 June 1997 – 4 August 1998
4 August 1998 – 11 January 1999
Ministry of the Interior Murat Başeskioğlu
Kutlu Aktaş
30 June 1997 – 4 August 1998
4 August 1998 – 11 January 1999
Ministry of Foreign Affairs İsmail Cem DSP
Ministry of Finance Zekeriya Temizel DSP
Ministry of National Education Hikmet Uluğbay DSP
Ministry of Public Works Yaşar Topçu ANAP
Ministry of Health and Social Security Halil İbrahim Özsoy ANAP
Ministry of Agriculture and Village Affairs Mustafa Taşar ANAP
Ministry of Transport Necdet Menzir
Ahmet Denizolgun
30 June 1997 – 4 August 1998
4 August 1998 – 11 January 1999
Ministry of Labour and Social Security Nami Çağan DSP
Ministry of Industry and Commerce Yalım Erez Indep
Ministry Tourism İbrahim Gürdal ANAP
Ministry Culture İstemihan Talay DSP
Ministry of Environment İmren Aykut ANAP
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Cumhur Ersümer ANAP
Ministry of Forestry Ersin Taranoğlu ANAP


The cabinet collapsed on 11 January 1999, as a result of the Türkbank scandal in 1998, which involved relationships between the government, the private sector and organized crime. CHP decided to end its support after the scandal.[3]


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