26th General Assembly of Nova Scotia

The 26th General Assembly of Nova Scotia represented Nova Scotia between 1874 and 1878.

John B. Dickie was chosen as speaker for the house in 1875. Mather Byles DesBrisay served as speaker from May 1875 to 1876, when he was named county judge. Isaac N. Mack became speaker in 1877.

The assembly was dissolved on September 21, 1878.

List of Members

Electoral District Name Party
Annapolis County Avard Longley Conservative
William Botsford Troop Conservative
Antigonish County John J. McKinnon[1]

John Sparrow David Thompson (1877)

Daniel MacDonald Liberal
County of Cape Breton Alonza J. White Liberal
Ebenezer T. Moseley Conservative
Colchester County William A. Patterson Conservative
John B. Dickie Liberal
Cumberland County Hiram Black Liberal
Amos Purdy[1]

Edward Vickery (1875)

Digby County Colin Campbell Independent
Henri M. Robicheau Liberal
Guysborough County Charles M. Franchville Liberal
William H. Wylde[1]

Otto Schwartz Weeks (1875)

Halifax County Philip Carteret Hill Liberal
Donald Archibald Liberal
Edward Farrell Liberal
Hants County William Henry Allison Conservative
Alfred Putnam Liberal
Inverness County Duncan J. Campbell Conservative
John McKinnon Liberal
Kings County Douglas B. Woodworth Conservative
John B. North Independent
Lunenburg County James Eisenhauer Liberal
Mather Byles DesBrisay[2]

Charles Henry Davison (1876)

Pictou County Hugh J. Cameron Conservative
Simon H. Holmes Conservative
Alexander MacKay Conservative
Queens County Isaac N. Mack Liberal
Samuel Freeman Liberal
Richmond County Charles Boudroit Independent
Murdoch McRae Conservative
Shelburne County Thomas Johnston Liberal
Robert Robertson Liberal
Victoria County David McCurdy Liberal
John A. Fraser Liberal
Yarmouth County Albert Gayton Liberal
John Lovitt Liberal


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