2013 Philippine House of Representatives elections in Mimaropa

Elections were held in Mimaropa for seats in the House of Representatives of the Philippines on May 13, 2013.

The candidate with the most votes will win that district's seat for the 16th Congress of the Philippines.


Party Popular vote % Swing Seats
Liberal 292,858 38.7 4
Nacionalista 104,971 13.9 1
NPC 43,911 5.8 1
NUP 93,474 12.4 1
PPPL 57,485 7.6 1
Lakas 35,321 4.7 0
UNA 89,594 11.9 0
Independent 37,498 5 0
Total 755,112 100
Valid votes 755,112 87.25
Invalid votes 110,388 12.75
Turnout 865,500
Registered voters


Incumbent Lord Allan Jay Velasco, the son of Presbitero Velasco, Jr., an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, is going up against Regina Ongsiako Reyes, daughter of provincial governor Carmencita Reyes and sister of Toll Regulatory Board Executive Director Edmundo Reyes, Jr. Velasco won against Edmundo Reyes in 2010; however, Reyes filed an election protest but the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal dismissed Reyes' suit and even increase Velasco's lead an additional 39 votes after recounts.

Reyes was disqualified by the Commission on Elections' First Division after it ruled that she is a naturalized American citizen, which also caused her residency to be forfeited as the commission said that "she has not abandoned her domicile of choice in the USA." Reyes is allowed to appeal the decision to the commission en banc.[1]

Philippine House of Representatives election at Marinduque
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Regina Ongsiako Reyes 41,072 48.50
NUP Lord Allan Jay Velasco 38,111 44.91
Margin of victory 2,961 3.50%
Invalid or blank votes 5,497 6.49
Total votes 84,680 100.00
Liberal gain from NUP

Occidental MindoroEdit

Incumbent Ma. Amelita Villarosa is term limited. Edgardo Urieta is her party's nominee, his opponent is governor Josephine Sato.

2013 Philippine House of Representatives election at Occidental Mindoro
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Josephine Sato 84,897 65.18
Lakas Edgardo Urieta 35,321 27.12
Margin of victory 49,576 38.06%
Invalid or blank votes 10,036 7.70
Total votes 130,254 100.00
Liberal gain from Lakas

Oriental MindoroEdit

1st DistrictEdit

Incumbent Rodolfo Valencia is term limited; Calapan city mayor Paulino Leachon is his party's nominee.

2013 Philippine House of Representatives election at Oriental Mindoro's 1st district
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Paulino Salvador Leachon 67,197 51.93
UNA John Nico Valencia 47,270 36.53
NPC Renato Leviste 5,849 4.52
Margin of victory 19,927 15.40%
Invalid or blank votes 9,091 7.03
Total votes 129,407 100.00
Liberal hold

2nd DistrictEdit

Incumbent Reynaldo Umali is running unopposed.

2013 Philippine House of Representatives election at Oriental Mindoro's 2nd district
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Reynaldo Umali 75,933 70.36
Invalid or blank votes 31,982 29.64
Total votes 107,915 100.00
Liberal hold


The second district of Palawan was redistricted into two districts: Puerto Princesa and Aborlan is designated as the third district, while the rest of the old second district retained that nomenclature.

1st DistrictEdit

Incumbent Antonio C. Alvarez is term limited; his son Franz Joseph is his party's nominee.

2013 Philippine House of Representatives election at Palawan's st district
Party Candidate Votes %
NUP Franz Joseph Alvarez 55,363 47.55
Liberal Alvin Sandoval 23,759 20.41
UNA Roberto Rodriguez 22,065 18.95
Independent Randy Rodriguez 1,145 0.98
Independent Fernando Saw 954 0.82
Margin of victory 31,603 27.14%
Invalid or blank votes 13,140 11.29
Total votes 116,426 100.00
NUP hold

2nd DistrictEdit

Incumbent Rep. Victorino Dennis Socrates is running for the vice governorship. While his National Unity Party did not name a nominee, his local party Partidong Pagbabago ng Palawan nominated Frederick Abueg.

2013 Philippine House of Representatives election at Palawan's 2nd district
Party Candidate Votes %
PPPL Frederick Abueg 57,485 50.03
Nacionalista Ramon Mitra III 38,724 33.70
Independent Christopher Morales 525 0.46
Margin of victory 18,761 16.33%
Invalid or blank votes 18,158 15.80
Total votes 114,892 100.00
PPPL gain from NUP

3rd DistrictEdit

2013 Philippine House of Representatives election at Palawan's 3rd district
Party Candidate Votes %
NPC Douglas Hagedorn 38,062 45.61
Independent Jimmy Carbonell 19,744 23.66
Independent Eduardo Matillano 10,537 12.63
Independent Raymundo Lagasca 4,226 5.06
Independent Arcelie Altamera 210 0.25
Independent Santiago Lazo 157 0.19
Margin of victory 18,318 21.95%
Invalid or blank votes 10,521 12.61
Total votes 83,457 100.00
NPC win (new seat)


Eduardo Jesus Madrona is the incumbent.

2013 Philippine House of Representatives election at Romblon
Party Candidate Votes %
Nacionalista Eduardo Jesus Madrona 66,247 67.28
UNA Natalio Beltran 20,259 20.57
Margin of victory 45,988 46.70%
Invalid or blank votes 11,963 12.15
Total votes 98,469 100.00
Nacionalista hold


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