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  • March 7 – A parliamentary election was held in Iraq on 7 March 2010. The secular, non-sectarian Iraqi National Movement received the most votes.
  • March 8 – Oil extraction rights to the Maysan Oilfields were granted to China March 8, 2010.[1]






  • August 2 – The New York Times reported that the United States would "withdraw designated combat forces from Iraq by the end of August."[4]
  • August 3 – At least 5 police officers are shot dead at a checkpoint in Baghdad, Iraq.[5]
  • August 7 – 5 Iraqi policemen are killed in an overnight shootout in western Baghdad, while 1 policeman is killed at a checkpoint outside Fallujah.[6]
  • August 18 – The 4th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division crosses the international border between Iraq and Kuwait, effectively ending U.S combat operations within the country of Iraq. 52,600 U.S. military personnel remain in Iraq to take on an advisory role as Operation New Dawn begins.[7]
  • August 19 – U.S. President Barack Obama announced that all U.S.combat operations will end on August 31. 50,000 troops will stay in an advise and assist role. The full withdrawal is scheduled for December 2011.





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