2005 World Games

The 2005 World Games (German: Weltspiele 2005), the seventh World Games, were an international multi-sport event held in Duisburg, Germany from 14 July 2005 until 24 July 2005. Three other cities, namely Bottrop, Mülheim an der Ruhr, and Oberhausen, also held some of the competition events.[1] More than 3,000 athletes competed in 31 official sports and 6 invitational sports.

World Games VII
VII Weltspiele
2005 World Games Logo.png
Host cityDuisburg, Germany
Nations participating93
Athletes participatingappr. 3,200
Events169 (31 sports)
Opening ceremony14 July
Closing ceremony24 July
Officially opened byOtto Schily
Federal Minister of the Interior of Germany
Main venueMSV-Arena


Official sportsEdit

The 2005 World Games programme featured 31 official sports, and 6 invitational sports. The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of medal events, which were contested in each sports discipline.

Fiji's gold medal win in rugby

Invitational sportsEdit

Aikido was also one of the invitational sports, but it was deemed a demonstration sport; no medal events were held.

Athletes at the closing ceremony

Medal tableEdit

Official sportsEdit

The medal tally during the seventh World Games is as follows. Russia won the most gold medals and tied with Germany in overall medals won in this edition's official sports. There was a tie for second place in one sport climbing event (two silver and no bronze medals awarded). Two bronze medals were awarded in each of the two squash events.[2]

  *   Host nation (Germany)

1  Russia (RUS)27191157
2  Germany (GER)*19182057
3  Italy (ITA)1391335
4  France (FRA)12121135
5  Australia (AUS)79420
6  United States (USA)77923
7  Ukraine (UKR)76821
8  Spain (ESP)66315
9  Netherlands (NED)58417
10  Denmark (DEN)5106
11  Japan (JPN)48618
12  China (CHN)45312
13  Austria (AUT)4318
14   Switzerland (SUI)4138
15  Great Britain (GBR)351018
16  Colombia (COL)34411
17  Poland (POL)32611
18  Sweden (SWE)3216
19  Belgium (BEL)24511
20  New Zealand (NZL)2406
21  Canada (CAN)2248
22  Chinese Taipei (TPE)2226
23  South Korea (KOR)2136
24  Egypt (EGY)2035
25  Czech Republic (CZE)1348
26  Romania (ROM)1214
  Slovakia (SVK)1214
28  Greece (GRE)1203
29  Argentina (ARG)1135
30  Brazil (BRA)1124
  Croatia (CRO)1124
  Venezuela (VEN)1124
33  Luxembourg (LUX)1113
34  Malaysia (MAS)1102
  Qatar (QAT)1102
36  Norway (NOR)1023
  Turkey (TUR)1023
38  Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH)1012
  Finland (FIN)1012
40  Bulgaria (BUL)1001
  Fiji (FIJ)1001
  Hungary (HUN)1001
  Lithuania (LTU)1001
  Morocco (MAR)1001
  Serbia and Montenegro (SCG)1001
46  Slovenia (SLO)0314
47  South Africa (RSA)0235
48  Belarus (BLR)0224
49  Portugal (POR)0123
50  Chile (CHI)0112
  Estonia (EST)0112
  Kazakhstan (KAZ)0112
53  Bahrain (BRN)0101
  Hong Kong (HKG)0101
  Madagascar (MAD)0101
  Mexico (MEX)0101
  Thailand (THA)0101
58  Ireland (IRL)0011
  Peru (PER)0011
  Uzbekistan (UZB)0011
Totals (60 nations)169170170509

Invitational sportsEdit

  *   Host nation (Germany)

1  Germany (GER)*4127
2  Russia (RUS)3115
3  Spain (ESP)1102
4  Czech Republic (CZE)1023
5  Brazil (BRA)1001
6   Switzerland (SUI)0303
7  Sweden (SWE)0112
8  Belarus (BLR)0101
  Great Britain (GBR)0101
  Hungary (HUN)0101
11  Croatia (CRO)0011
  France (FRA)0011
  Japan (JPN)0011
  Turkey (TUR)0011
Totals (14 nations)10101030


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