2001 Peruvian general election

Early general elections were held in Peru on 8 April 2001, with a second round of the presidential election on 3 June.[1] The elections were held after President Alberto Fujimori claimed asylum in Japan during a trip to Asia and resigned his position.[2]

2001 Peruvian general election

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Presidential election
8 April 2001 (first round)
3 June 2001 (second round)
  Alejandro Toledo (8682).jpg Alan García presidente del Perú.jpg
Nominee Alejandro Toledo Alan García
Party Possible Peru APRA
Running mate Raúl Diez Canseco
David Waisman
José Murgia
Jorge del Castillo
Popular vote 5,548,556 4,904,929
Percentage 53.08% 46.92%


President before election

Valentín Paniagua
Popular Action

Elected President

Alejandro Toledo
Possible Peru

Congressional election
8 April 2001

All 120 seats in the Congress of Peru
61 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats +/–
Possible Peru Alejandro Toledo 26.30 45 +16
APRA Alan García 19.71 28 +22
National Unity Lourdes Flores 13.84 17 +13
FIM Fernando Olivera 10.98 11 +2
We Are Peru Alberto Andrade 5.78 4 -5
C90-NM Alberto Fujimori 4.80 3 -49
Popular Action Fernando Belaúnde 4.18 3 0
UPP Daniel Estrada 4.14 6 +3
People's Solution Carlos Boloña 3.57 1 New
All for Victory Ricardo Noriega 2.03 1 New
And. Renaissance Ciro Gálvez 1.36 1 New
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.

The presidential elections were won by Alejandro Toledo of Possible Peru, who had been defeated by Fujimori in the 2000 general election, while his party emerged as the largest faction in the Congress.[3]


Main presidential candidatesEdit

Final results. First round.
Alejandro Toledo Lourdes Flores Alan García Fernando Olivera
Member of Congress
President of Peru
Member of Congress
Possible Peru National Unity Peruvian Aprista Party Independent Moralizing Front

Other candidatesEdit

Voluntarily withdrawnEdit


Leading candidate by region in the first round.
Leading candidate by region in the second round.


CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
Alejandro ToledoPossible Peru3,871,16736.515,548,55653.08
Alan GarcíaAmerican Popular Revolutionary Alliance2,732,85725.784,904,92946.92
Lourdes FloresNational Unity2,576,65324.30
Fernando OliveraIndependent Moralizing Front1,044,2079.85
Carlos BoloñaPeople's Solution179,2431.69
Ciro GálvezAndean Renaissance85,4360.81
Marco ArrunateguiProject Country79,0770.75
Ricardo NoriegaAll for Victory33,0800.31
Valid votes10,601,72086.4410,453,48586.19
Invalid/blank votes1,662,62913.561,675,48413.81
Total votes12,264,349100.0012,128,969100.00
Registered voters/turnout14,898,43582.3214,898,43581.41
Source: Nohlen


Possible Peru2,477,62426.3045+16
American Popular Revolutionary Alliance1,857,41619.7128+22
National Unity1,304,03713.8417New
Independent Moralizing Front1,034,67210.9811+2
We Are Peru544,1935.784–5
Cambio 90-New Majority452,6964.803New
Popular Action393,4334.1830
Union for Peru390,2364.146+3
People's Solution336,6803.571New
All for Victory191,1792.031New
Agricultural People's Front of Peru156,2641.660–2
Project Country155,5721.650New
Andean Renaissance127,7071.361New
Valid votes9,421,70978.60
Invalid/blank votes2,565,93221.40
Total votes11,987,641100.00
Registered voters/turnout14,898,43580.46
Source: Nohlen


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