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1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery

1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery is a regiment of the Royal Horse Artillery in the British Army. It currently serves in the armoured field artillery role, and is equipped with the AS90 self-propelled gun. The regiment is currently based at Larkhill Garrison, Larkhill. The Regiment completed its move from Assaye Barracks, Tidworth to Larkhill in June 2019.

1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery
Active11 May 1938 – present
but all the batteries have served continuously since 1855.
Allegiance United Kingdom
Branch British Army
RoleField Artillery
Size4 Batteries
Part of1st Artillery Brigade
Garrison/HQLarkhill, Wiltshire
Nickname(s)The South Yorks & Midland Gunners
EquipmentAS90 self-propelled gun
Timothy Granville-Chapman

The regiment itself is, by British Army standards, quite young, dating to 1938. However, it was created out of pre-existing batteries, all of which have served continuously since no later than 1855, and two of the regiment's batteries have served continuously since the 1790s.




  • 1938 – Although some of the batteries existed for 145 years, 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery were formed at Bulford Camp on 1 May 1938.

Second World WarEdit

1 RHA then joined 10 Armd Division in Aleppo and spent the next year training all over Syria, Palestine and the Suez Canal Zone. 1 RHA then landed in Italy from Palestine in May 1944 at Taranto, and were in action south of Rome on 15 May 1944 and thereafter played a full part in the remainder of the Italian Campaign and finished the war in Italy.

Cold WarEdit

The regiment saw service as follows:[1]

  • 1965 – 1 RHA deployed to Aden with three batteries (each split into three independent two-gun sections), where they supported British battalions in the Radfan, and South Arabian battalions on the Yemeni border. The third battery was based at BP Camp in Little Aden, where they carried out internal security duties during the Aden Emergency. All three batteries rotated, and during 21 months in Aden, 1 RHA fired over 23,000 rounds in over 200 operations, supporting seven British and six Arab battalions, and suffered nearly 50 casualties.

Recent and current conflictsEdit

Deployments continued as follows:[1]

Northern IrelandEdit

Persian Gulf WarEdit

  • 1990 – Elements of 1 RHA were attached to 40 Field Regiment RA to bring them up to war establishment for the duration of Op Granby.
  • 1992 – 1 RHA moved to Assaye Barracks in Tidworth in preparation for the AS-90 Self-propelled artillery.

Balkan WarsEdit

  • 1996 – 1 RHA deployed with IFOR to Bosnia.
  • 1998 – 1 RHA deployed with SFOR to Bosnia.
  • 1999 – 1 RHA (BBty tac group) deployed with the NATO led force in Kosovo.
  • 2000 - E Battery Royal Horse Artillery deployed to Kosovo (Podujevo) and Bosnia (Sanski Most) with 19 Regt RA as part of the first British Pan-Balkan Artillery Regiment.
  • 2000The Chestnut Troop deployed to Sanski Most, Bosnia; whilst L/N Battery and elements of O/Hq Bty deployed to Kosovo.
  • 2002 – 1 RHA sent B Battery to Šipovo in Bosnia as the UK Artillery Battery; whilst A Battery deployed with the QRL to Kosovo.

Operation TELIC in IraqEdit

  • 2004 – 1 RHA deployed to Basra, Iraq on Operation Telic (Op TELIC 4) as part of 1st Mechanised Brigade. The Chestnut Troop initially supported the 1 Cheshire Battlegroup monitoring the city police. B Battery trained the regional police departments before providing protection Provincial Support and Liaison Team. E Battery trained the Border Police, and L/N Battery (Nery Battery, The Eagal Troop) had soldiers attached to the Danish contingent to the north of Basra. August and September 2004 were particularly violent. On the 9th August 2004 a patrol, which had been sent into Basra to support a separate patrol that was in difficulty with a hostile crowd, became the target of a coordinated ambush. The members of the patrol were forced to abandon their vehicles and hold up in a nearby building. The patrol had to fend of attacks for hours before they were rescued by 1 PWRR (a soldier from 1 PWRR was killed during this relief effort). Sgt Terry Bryan[2] (1RHA) was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his actions. On the 28th September 2004 a convoy of 1RHA vehicles was ambushed, resulting in the loss of Cpl Marc Taylor REME and Gunner David Lawrence in an improvised explosive device/rocket-propelled grenade attack.
  • 2007 - 1 RHA deployed to Basra, Iraq on Operation Telic (Op TELIC 10)[1]


  • 2009 - 1RHA deployed for approximately seven months (between September 2009 and April 2010) to Helmand province, Afghanistan on Operation HERRICK 11. The Regiment was deployed in numerous locations supporting 11 Light Brigade. [2]
  • 2013 – 1 RHA deployed to Afghanistan on Operation Herrick.[3]

Future roleEdit

Under Army 2020, the regiment will move to Larkhill.[4]


The batteries are as follows:[5]

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