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1997 Seniors Pot Black

The 1997 Seniors Pot Black was a one-off invitational snooker tournament of the popular series Pot Black. Recording took place during early 1997 and broadcast in March. The tournament was held at Goodwood House in Chichester, Sussex. It featured 12 veteran players in a knock-out system both aged over 40. All matches until the final were one-frame shoot-outs and the final being contested over the best of three frames.

Seniors Pot Black
Tournament information
DatesEarly 1997 (broadcast 3-14 March 1997)
VenueGoodwood House
FormatNon-Ranking event
Highest breakEngland Joe Johnson (57)
ChampionEngland Joe Johnson
Runner-upWales Terry Griffiths

Broadcasts were shown on teatime daily on BBC2 and the series started at 17:30 on Monday 3 March 1997.[1] David Vine presented the programme and Ted Lowe and Clive Everton were the commentators while there were more referees in this event than previously. Alan Chamberian and John Newton joined long time referee John Williams.

The players were all over 40 years of age. Some had retired from the game and some were still competing in tournaments. All the previous Pot Black champions over 40 were there including Ray Reardon, John Spencer and Eddie Charlton. Joe Johnson who never competed in any previous series of Pot Black won the title beating Terry Griffiths 2–0 to become the only champion of Seniors Pot Black.[2][3]

Main drawEdit

Round 1Edit

Player 1 Score Player 2 Broadcast Date
  John Spencer 47–74   Dennis Taylor 3 March 1997
  Ray Reardon 80–46   Willie Thorne 4 March 1997
  Perrie Mans 30–87   Joe Johnson 5 March 1997
  Graham Miles 75–26   Rex Williams 6 March 1997

Quarter-finals (7-11 March 1997) Semi-finals (12-13 March 1997) Final (14 March 1997)
  Doug Mountjoy 28
  Dennis Taylor 101   Dennis Taylor 6
  Eddie Charlton 31   Joe Johnson 112
  Joe Johnson 50   Joe Johnson 2
  Cliff Thorburn 33   Terry Griffiths 0
  Graham Miles 63   Graham Miles 5
  Terry Griffiths 95   Terry Griffiths 111
  Ray Reardon 40


Final: Best of 3 frames.
Goodwood House, Chichester, England, Early 1997 (Broadcast 14 March 1997).
Joe Johnson
Frame scores
85-32, 70-17
Terry Griffiths


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