1994 Macedonian general election

General elections were held in Macedonia on 16 October 1994 to elect a President and Assembly, with a second round of Assembly elections on 30 October.[1] The presidential election was won by Kiro Gligorov of the Alliance for Macedonia (a coalition of the Social Democratic Union, Liberal Party and the Socialist Party), whilst the parties forming Alliance for Macedonia also won the Assembly elections with 95 of the 120 seats. However, the second round of the Assembly elections were boycotted by VMRO-DPMNE and the Democratic Party, as they claimed there had been irregularities in the first round.[2]

Electoral systemEdit

The 120 members of the Assembly were elected in 120 single-member constituencies. If no candidate received over 50% in the first round, a second round was held and contested by every candidate who received over 7% of the vote in the first round.[3] In the second round a majority was not required, and the candidate who received the most votes won the seat.[3]



Kiro GligorovAlliance for Macedonia715,08778.39
Ljubiša GeorgievskiVMRO-DPMNE197,10921.61
Valid votes912,19687.46
Invalid/blank votes130,81012.54
Total votes1,043,006100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,360,72976.65
Source: State Electoral Commission


PartyFirst roundSecond roundSeats
Alliance for Macedonia291,69529.49329,70053.5287
Democratic Party108,87211.010
Party for Democratic Prosperity87,1038.8193,40715.1610
People's Democratic Party29,3612.9725,0074.064
Democratic Party of Macedonia20,2432.053,9910.651
Liberal Party15,0681.5221,3623.475
Workers Party15,4161.560
Democratic Party of Turks14,4231.466,4341.040
Social Democratic Party12,0551.222,2540.371
Movement for All-Macedonian Action11,4791.162,0130.330
League of Communists of Macedonia7,6100.770
Party of Democratic Action–Islamic Path6,9120.702,1550.350
Socialist Party6,6120.675,6320.911
Workers Party of Macedonia5,4350.550
Democratic Party of Serbs5,2900.534,0030.650
Communist Party of Macedonia5,1610.520
Democratic Union–Party of Peasants5,0890.516810.110
Social Democratic Union4,1820.424,6350.751
Christian Democratic Party4,0190.410
Agricultural Workers Party3,3620.34
Party of the Unemployed2,1910.22
Civic Liberal Party2,0190.20
Party of Yugoslavs1,5700.16
Republican Party1,2720.13
VMRO - Obedineta9430.10
Democratic Union of Educators and Citizens8220.08
Party of Social Truth7240.07
Macedonian National Party7150.07
Democratic Progressive Party6760.07
New Communist Movement6330.06
VMRO-Gotse Delchev4800.05
Democratic Party of Yugoslavs4220.04
DP–New Social Democratic Party3860.04
Republican Party–VMRO-Gotse Delchev2050.02
Multinational People's Party1510.02
Valid votes989,12394.79616,01595.86
Invalid/blank votes54,3305.2126,5804.14
Total votes1,043,453100.00642,595100.00
Registered voters/turnout1,487,36770.151,293,33049.69
Source: Nohlen & Stöver, Nineski[4]


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