1992 in the Philippines

1992 in the Philippines details events of note that happened in the Philippines in the year 1992.

Philippines 1992
the Philippines

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Incumbents edit

Outgoing President Corazon Aquino
Incoming President Fidel Ramos

Events edit

January edit

  • January 2 – The tailings dam breaks at Number Two tailings storage facility of Philex Mining Corporation's Padcal mine in Benguet Province, releasing 80 million cubic metres of effluent, probably the largest tailings spill in history.[1]
  • January 7 – Former First Lady Imelda Marcos is arrested and later released on charges regarding her accounts in Switzerland.
  • January 15Pag-asa is hatched in Davao City becoming the first Philippine eagle to be successfully bred and hatched in captivity.

February edit

March edit

  • March 10 – Five students of PUP are found floating in the Pasig River after an altercation during a basketball game involving INC members.[3]

May edit

June edit

September edit

November edit

Holidays edit

As per Executive Order No. 292, chapter 7 section 26, the following are regular holidays and special days, approved last July 25, 1987.[10] Note that in the list, holidays in bold are "regular holidays" and those in italics are "nationwide special days".

In addition, several other places observe local holidays, such as the foundation of their town. These are also "special days."

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References edit

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