1983 Irish presidential election

In the 1983 Irish presidential election outgoing President Patrick Hillery agreed under enormous political pressure to seek a second term. Though former Nobel Peace Prize and Lenin Peace Prize winner Seán MacBride made it known in the Sunday Press that he wanted to contest the office, only Hillery was nominated and was declared re-elected without the need for a poll.

1983 Irish presidential election

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  Irish President Patrick Hillery in the Netherlands 1986 (cropped).jpg
Nominee Patrick Hillery
Party Independent

President before election

Patrick Hillery
Fianna Fáil

Elected President

Patrick Hillery


Under Article 12 of the Constitution of Ireland, candidates could be nominated by:

All Irish citizens on the Dáil electoral register were eligible to vote.


The Minister for the Environment made the order opening nominations on 7 October, with noon on 21 October as the deadline for nominations, and 23 November set as the date for a contest.[1] The only candidate nominated was Patrick Hillery, who had the right to nominate himself, and he was declared elected at the close of nominations.[2]

1983 Irish presidential election[3]
Candidate Nominated by
Patrick Hillery Self-nomination

Hillery was inaugurated for his second term as President of Ireland on Saturday, 3 December 1983.

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