1982 Dutch general election

Early general elections were held in the Netherlands on 8 September 1982.[1] The Labour Party emerged as the largest party, winning 47 of the 150 seats in the House of Representatives;[2] however, this would be the last time it did so until 1994.

1982 Dutch general election
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Turnout81.0% (Decrease 6.0 pp)
Party Leader % Seats ±
PvdA Joop den Uyl 30.4% 47 +3
CDA Dries van Agt 29.4% 45 -3
VVD Ed Nijpels 23.1% 36 +10
D66 Jan Terlouw 4.3% 6 -11
PSP Fred van der Spek 2.3% 3 0
SGP Henk van Rossum 1.9% 3 0
CPN Ina Brouwer 1.8% 3 0
PPR Ria Beckers 1.5% 2 -1
RPF Meindert Leerling 1.5% 2 0
CP Hans Janmaat 0.8% 1 +1
GPV Gert Schutte 0.8% 1 0
EVP Cathy Ubels-Veen 0.7% 1 +1
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Tweede Kamerverkiezingen 1982.png
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after
Dries van Agt Dries van Agt
Ruud Lubbers
Rudd Lubbers

Following the election the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) formed a coalition government with the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, with the CDA's Ruud Lubbers becoming Prime Minister.


Labour Party2,503,51730.4047+3
Christian Democratic Appeal2,420,44129.3945–3
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy1,900,76323.0836+10
Democrats 66351,2784.266–11
Pacifist Socialist Party187,5472.2830
Reformed Political Party156,6361.9030
Communist Party of the Netherlands147,7531.7930
Political Party of Radicals136,4461.662–1
Reformatory Political Federation124,2351.5120
Centre Party68,4230.831+1
Reformed Political League67,1630.8210
Evangelical People's Party56,4660.691+1
Socialist Party44,9590.5500
Democratic Socialists '7031,0470.3800
Right-wing People's Party21,9870.2700
Roman Catholic Party of the Netherlands12,6890.1500
God with Us3,1570.0400
Dutch Peoples-Union1,6320.0200
Progressive Party for the Preservation of Work, Environment and Society2500.000New
Small Party1270.0000
Valid votes8,236,51699.55
Invalid/blank votes37,1150.45
Total votes8,273,631100.00
Registered voters/turnout10,216,62780.98
Source: Kiesraad


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