1981 Uber Cup

The 1981 Uber Cup was the tenth edition of the Uber Cup, the women's badminton team competition. The tournament took place in the 1980-81 badminton season. Japan won its fifth title after beating Indonesia in the Final Round in Tokyo.[1]

1981 Uber Cup
LocationJapan Tokyo, Japan
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Australian ZoneEdit

First Qualifying RoundEdit

  Indonesia 9-0   New Zealand Jakarta
  India 3-6   Australia Jakarta

Final Qualifying RoundEdit

  Indonesia 9-0   Australia Jakarta

European ZoneEdit

First Qualifying RoundEdit

  Scotland 1-8   Taiwan Dunfermline
  Sweden 5-4   Netherlands Örnsköldsvik

Second Qualifying RoundEdit

  Sweden 8-1   Denmark Helsingborg
  England 9-0   Taiwan Sunderland

Final Qualification RoundEdit

  England 5-4   Denmark Redbridge, London

Pan American ZoneEdit

First Qualifying RoundEdit

  Peru 0-9   United States Lima

Final Qualification RoundEdit

  Canada 8-1   United States Quebec

Final TournamentEdit

First RoundEdit

  Indonesia 9–0   Malaysia

Second RoundEdit

  Indonesia 5-4   England
  Japan 9-0   Canada

Grand FinalEdit

1981 Uber Cup Champions

Fifth title


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