1978 Uber Cup

The 1978 Uber Cup was the 9th edition of the Uber Cup, the women's badminton team competition. The tournament took place in the 1977-78 badminton season, 15 countries competed. Japan won its fourth title in the Uber Cup, after beating Indonesia in the Final Round in Auckland.[1]

1978 Uber Cup
LocationNew Zealand Auckland, New Zealand
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Asian ZoneEdit

First qualifying roundEdit

  Malaysia w.o.   India Kuala Lumpur
  Japan 7–0   South Korea Tokyo

Final qualifying roundEdit

  Malaysia 3-4   Japan Kuala Lumpur

European ZoneEdit

First qualifying roundEdit

  Scotland 5-2   Norway
  Netherlands 4-3   Sweden Tilburg

Second qualifying roundEdit

  Scotland 4-3   West Germany Edinburgh
  Netherlands 5-2   Canada Haarlem

Third qualifying roundEdit

  Denmark 7-0   Scotland Perth
  England 6-1   Netherlands Washington

Final qualifying roundEdit

  Denmark 5-2   England Copenhagen

Pan American ZoneEdit

Final qualifying roundEdit

  United States 5-2   Taiwan San Diego

Final TournamentEdit

First roundEdit

  United States 7–0   New Zealand
  Japan 7–0   Australia

Second roundEdit

  Indonesia 7–0   United States
  Japan 6–1   Denmark

Grand FinalEdit

1978 Uber Cup Champions

Fourth title


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