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1977 24 Hours of Le Mans

The 1977 24 Hours of Le Mans was the 45th Grand Prix of Endurance, and took place on 11 and 12 June 1977.

1977 24 Hours of Le Mans
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#4 Porsche 936/77-001, Le Mans winner 1977

The Porsche 936 won again in 1977 against the Renault and Mirage Renault, with extraordinary driving efforts by Jacky Ickx. His #3 car, the chassis 002 that had won in the previous year, broke down in the early running, so Ickx joined Hurley Haywood and Jürgen Barth in the team's #4 sister chassis 001 which had its woes, too. Ickx pushed hard and took the lead again, taking advantage of the fragile Renault challenge, to score his 4th victory. But Porsche were lucky too; a broken engine nearly halted the Porsche 936/77 in the last hour. The mechanics removed the ignition and injection of the failed cylinder, and the smoking car limped around the track to finish after 24 hours while running, as required.

The biggest rule change was the cancellation of restrictions for consumption: Up to now was not required to travel at least twenty laps between two refueling, but the maximum capacity of the tanks was limited to 160 liters and the number of Octane was elevated to 100, like in Formula 1 (and after the protest of Renault).[1] He was also granted the greatest freedom in repairs: the only things that could not be replaced were the engine block, chassis and body.[1]

Before moving on to Formula 1, Renault was decided to win the race and for 1977 had spent all their energy to achieve that goal. 4 cars of the Renault Alpine A442 type were entered for Jabouille / Bell, Depailler / Laffite, Jaussaud / Tambay and Pironi / Arnoux / Fréquelin crew. Long practice sessions were held by the French team at Circuit Paul Ricard at Le Castellet during the months of January, February and April.[1]

After its thorough preparation, the official Renault team was considered a pre-race favourite.

Porsche entered two 936, driven by Ickx / Pescarolo (they had already won 6 editions) and Barth / Haywood, the latter having recently achieved his third victory at the 24 Hours of Daytona after driving his Porsche Carrera RSR all night long.[2]

For this edition the Mirage GR8 left the usual Ford Cosworth DFV V8 3 liters, to adopt the Renault V6 Turbo engine, the same of the Alpine. Drivers were Schuppan/Jarier and Posey/Leclère, with Jarier called at last minute to replace Jean-Louis Lafosse, who will quote in court the team .[1] After long tests at Indianapolis where no failure happened, the Mirage linked on their reliability as slower and heavier than official cars Renault.

The participants in Group 6 "3 liters", with the Ford Cosworth DFV, were the de Cadenet-Lola, with the British team-owner sharing the car with Chris Craft, the French Inaltera with its second participation at Le Mans with two cars for Beltoise/Holbert and "Christine"/Lombardi, and another car in the GTP category and the Lola T286 driven by Perrier/Lapeyre.

In Group 5 ("Silhouette"), only Porsche was present with the 935, the works car of "Martini Racing" for Stommelen/Schurti, and customer cars for Ballot-Léna/Gregg, Schenken/Hezemans/Hayer/Ludwig (Gelo Racing Team) and Edwards/Faure (Kremer Racing. There was also a Ferrari 365 BB fielded by NART and Aston Martin DBS V8 of a small privateer team.

Official resultsEdit

Le Mans in 1977
Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Laps
1 S
4   Martini Racing Porsche System   Jürgen Barth
  Hurley Haywood
  Jacky Ickx
Porsche 936/77 342
Porsche Type-935 2.1L Turbo Flat-6
2 S
10   Grand Touring Cars Inc.
  Mirage Renault
  Vern Schuppan
  Jean-Pierre Jarier
Mirage GR8 331
Renault 2.0L Turbo V6
3 Gr. 5 40   JMS Racing / ASA Cachia   Claude Ballot-Léna
  Peter Gregg
Porsche 935 315
Porsche Type-935 2.9L Turbo Flat-6
4 GTP 88   Inaltera   Jean Ragnotti
  Jean Rondeau
Inaltera LM77 315
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0L V8
5 S
5   Alain de Cadenet   Alain de Cadenet
  Chris Craft
De Cadenet-Lola LM 315
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0L V8
6 S
20   Racing Organisation Course   Michel Pignard
  Albert Dufréne
  Jacques Henry
Chevron B36 303
ROC-Chrysler 2.0L I4
7 GT 58   Porsche Kremer Racing   Bob Wollek
  "Steve" (Jean-Pierre Wielemans)
  Philippe Gurdjian
Porsche 934 298
Porsche 3.0L Turbo Flat-6
8 IMSA 71   Luigi Racing   Jean Xhenceval
  Pierre Dieudonné
  Spartaco Dini
BMW 3.0 CSL 291
BMW M30 3.2L I6
9 IMSA 50   Hervé Poulain   Hervé Poulain
  Marcel Mignot
BMW 320i 287
BMW M12 2.0L I4
10 IMSA 61   Christian Gouttepifre   Christian Gouttepifre
  Philippe Malbran
  Alain Leroux
Porsche 911 Carrera RS 281
Porsche 3.0L Flat-6
11 S
2   Inaltera   Lella Lombardi
  Christine Beckers
Inaltera LM77 279
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0L V8
12 IMSA 70   JMS Racing / ASA Cachia   Simon De Lautour
  Jean-Pierre Delaunay
  Jacques Guérin
Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 275
Porsche 3.0L Flat-6
13 S
1   Inaltera   Jean-Pierre Beltoise
  Al Holbert
Inaltera LM77 275
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0L V8
14 IMSA 79   Ravenel Frères   Jean-Louis Ravenel
  Jean Ravenel
  Jean-Marie Détrin
Porsche 911 Carrera RS 274
Porsche 3.0L Flat-6
15 GTP 86   WM A.E.R.E.M.   Max Mamers
  Jean-Daniel Raulet
  Xavier Mathiot
WM P76 274
Peugeot PRV 2.7L V6
16 IMSA 75   North American Racing Team   François Migault
  Lucien Guitteny
Ferrari 365 GT4/BB 268
Ferrari 4.4L Flat-12
17 GTP 83   Robin Hamilton   Robin Hamilton
  David Preece
  Mike Salmon
Aston Martin DBS V8 260
Aston Martin 5.3L V8
18 Gr. 5 47   Anne-Charlotte Verney / BP   Anne-Charlotte Verney
  René Metge
  Dany Snobeck
  Hubert Striebig
Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 254
Porsche 3.0L Flat-6
19 GT 56   JMS Racing / ASA Cachia   Jean-Louis Bousquet
  Cyril Grandet
  Philippe Dagoreau
Porsche 934 253
Porsche 3.0L Turbo Flat-6
20 IMSA 77   Wynn's International
  Kirby-Hitchcock Racing
  Dennis Aase
  Bob Kirby
  John Hotchkis
Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 246
Porsche 3.0L Flat-6
31   Dorset Racing Associates   Ian Harrower
  Martin Birrane
  Ernst Berg
  Richard Down
Lola T294S 212
Ford Cosworth BDA 2.0L I4
8   Équipe Renault Elf   Patrick Depailler
  Jacques Laffite
Renault Alpine A442 289
Renault 2.0L Turbo V6
DNF Gr. 5 39   Gelo Racing Team   Toine Hezemans
  Tim Schenken
  Hans Heyer
Porsche 935 269
Porsche Type-935 2.9L Turbo Flat-6
9   Équipe Renault Elf   Jean-Pierre Jabouille
  Derek Bell
Renault Alpine A442 257
Renault 2.0L Turbo V6
DNF GTX 96   GVEA Porsche Club Romand   André Savary
  Jean-Robert Corthay
  Antoine Salamin
Porsche 911 Carrera RS 211
Porsche 3.0L Flat-6
DNF IMSA 78   Charles Ivey Racing   John Rulon-Miller
  John Cooper
  Peter Lovett
Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 198
Porsche 3.0L Flat-6
DNF IMSA 80   Bernard Béguin   Bernard Béguin
  René Boubet
  Jean-Claude Briavoine
Porsche 911 Carrera RS 191
Porsche 3.0L Flat-6
25   Racing Organisation Course   Max Cohen-Olivar
  Alain Flotard
  Michel Dubois
Chevron B36 176
ROC-Chrysler 2.0L I4
21   P.P. Sauber AG / Francy Racing   Eugen Strähl
  Peter Bernhard
Sauber C5 161
BMW M12 2.0L I4
DNF GT 59   Schiller Racing Team   François Sérvanin
  Laurent Ferrier
  Franz Hummel
Porsche 934 160
Porsche 3.0L Turbo Flat-6
7   Équipe Renault Elf   Patrick Tambay
  Jean-Pierre Jaussaud
Renault Alpine A442 158
Renault 2.0L Turbo V6
DNF GTP 87   Bernard Decure   Bernard Decure
  Jean-Luc Thérier
  "Cochise" (Jacky Cauchy)
Alpine A310 137
Renault PRV 2.7L V6
DNF GT 60   Schiller Racing Team   Claude Haldi
  Florian Vetsch
  Angelo Pallavicino
Porsche 934 122
Porsche 3.0L Turbo Flat-6
DNF GT 57   Nicolas Koob   Nicolas Koob
  Willy Braillard
  Guillermo Ortega
Porsche 934 116
Porsche 3.0L Turbo Flat-6
DNF GT 55   Escuderia Montjuich   Juan Fernández
  Eugenio Baturone
  Raphael Tarradas
Porsche 934 115
Porsche 3.0L Turbo Flat-6
14   Daniel Broudy   Patrick Perrier
  Xavier Lapeyre
Lola T286 103
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0L V8
29   Osella Squadra Corse   Alain Cudini
  Raymond Touroul
  Anna Cambiaghi
Osella PA5 100
BMW M12 2.0L I4
DNF GT 63   Joël Laplacette   Joël Laplacette
  Yves Courage
  "Ségolen" (André Gahinet)
Porsche 911 Carrera 99
Porsche 3.0L Flat-6
32   André Chevalley
  Charles Graemiger
  André Chevalley
  François Trisconi
  Wink Bancroft
Cheetah G501 93
Ford Cosworth BDG 2.0L I4
DNF GTP 85   WM A.E.R.E.M.   Marc Sourd
  Jean-Louis Lafosse
  Xavier Mathiot
WM P77 90
Peugeot PRV 2.7L Turbo V6
DNF Gr. 5 48   Thierry Perrier   Thierry Perrier
  Jean Belliard
Porsche 911 Carrera 90
Porsche 3.0L Flat-6
DNF Gr. 5 49   Hubert Striebig / BP   Guy Chasseuil
  Hubert Striebig
  Helmut Kirchoffer
Porsche 934 65
Porsche 3.2L Flat-6
11   Grand Touring Cars Inc.
  Mirage Renault
  Sam Posey
  Michel Leclère
Mirage GR8 58
Renault 2.0L Turbo V6
DNF Gr. 5 41   Martini Racing Porsche System   Rolf Stommelen
  Manfred Schurti
Porsche 935/77 52
Porsche Type-935 2.9L Turbo Flat-6
DNF GT 62   Georges Bourdillat   Georges Bourdillat
  Bruno Sotty
  Alain-Michel Bernhard
Porsche 911 Carrera 51
Porsche 3.0L Flat-6
DNF IMSA 72   Luigi Racing   Tom Walkinshaw
  Eddy Joosen
  Claude de Wael
BMW 3.0 CSL 45
BMW M30 3.2L I6
3   Martini Racing Porsche System   Jacky Ickx
  Henri Pescarolo
Porsche 936/77 45
Porsche Type-935 2.1L Turbo Flat-6
DNF GTP 89   Team Esso Aseptogyl   Christine Dacremont
  Marianne Hoepfner
Lancia Stratos 37
Ferrari Dino 2.4L Turbo V6
DNF IMSA 76   Jean-Claude Giroix / Garage du Bac   "Dépnic" (Jean-Claude Depince)
  Jacques Coulon
BMW 3.0 CSL 28
BMW M30 3.2L I6
28   Jean-Marie Lemerle   Jean-Marie Lemerle
  Alain Levié
  Pierre-François Rousselot
Lola T294 27
ROC-Chrysler 2.0L I4
22   Chandler Ibec International / Team Lloyd's   Tony Charnell
  Ian Bracey
  John Hine
Chevron B31 21
Ford Cosworth FVD 2.0L I4
30   GVEA   Georges Morand
  Christian Blanc
  Fréderic Alliot
Lola T296 19
Ford Cosworth BDG 2.0L I4
DNF Gr. 5 42   Porsche Kremer Racing   John Fitzpatrick
  Guy Edwards
  Nick Faure
Porsche 935 K2 15
Porsche Type-935 2.8L Turbo Flat-6
DNF Gr. 5 38   Gelo Racing Team   Tim Schenken
  Toine Hezemans
  Hans Heyer
Porsche 935 15
Porsche Type-935 2.8L Turbo Flat-6
16   Jacky Haran / Hughes de Chaunac   Didier Pironi
  René Arnoux
  Guy Fréquelin
Renault Alpine A442 0
Renault 2.0L Turbo V6


  • Pole Position - #9 Renault Sport (Jean-Pierre Jabouille) - 3:31.07
  • Fastest Lap - #4 Martini Racing Porsche System (Jacky Ickx) - 3:36.50
  • Distance - 4671.83 km
  • Average Speed - 194.651 km/h

Trophy WinnersEdit

  • Index of Thermal Efficiency - #26 Sté. Racing Organisation Course (ROC)
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